Sell Wholesale Zippo Lighters

After reviewing the site searches this week, I have chosen Zippo Lighters as my wholesale research product. I started out by searching on and found many auctions for “zippo type” lighters. Unfortunately, all of these auctions were closed and there weren’t any active auctions for Zippo lighters.

I found one site that seems to carry wholesale Zippo lighters, named Siskiyou Fine Pewter and Gifts. They have over 100 styles of Zippo lighters. They have a minimum order of $200 and you must sign up for an account before you can make a purchase. The signup process requires you to have an active website and agree to their dropshipping rules. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but to get the actual prices, you’ll have to test them out for yourself.

For a more official source, you might choose to contact Zippo directly. To become a Zippo retailer, just visit the official Zippo Retailer website. Just fill out their information request form and supposedly they’ll have someone contact you about becoming a Zippo retailer. If you’re looking to sell wholesale Zippo lighters, this is by far the best route to take.

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