CPA Traffic Dojo Review

Pay Per Click Ninja CPA Traffic DOJO is a course on how to find, test, track, and convert traffic from some hot new traffic sources into cash. You’ll learn about a great alternative to Google Adwords, as well as how to get into highly-competitive CPA networks.

[[[*** CPA Traffic DOJO goes live on Monday, May 24th at 12PM EST * The offer will be limited, so if you want in, please watch the videos from this link and follow the instructions closely. ***]]]

The extremely valuable part of the secret traffic sources is the demographic targeting. These “secret” PPC networks allow you to target your ads by age, income level, drinking habits, and many other demographic metrics. This allows you to laser-target your ads to exactly the right customers. The idea is that you’ll spend less on advertising and have higher conversion rates (success) with your offers.

This guy was banned from Google AdWords last year and now he uses all of these “secret” traffic sources because they are more lucrative for him. He’s currently doing over $50k per month with these rare traffic sources.

If you want access to this information, watch the videos from the link below:

<Link to CPA Traffic Dojo

*Make sure to watch to the end of the video for all of the information you need to get started.

One difference between this guy and all of the self-proclaimed “gurus” out there is that he actually uses his own systems to make tons of money online.

He’s been doing affiliate marketing for 6 years, has made millions, and even recently won a CPA Network Super Affiliate Contest where they flew him to Costa Rica. If you want to make that kind of money and be given free vacations, click here to watch the videos.

He’s not using Google Adwords, Facebook, PPC or any of those “standard” traffic sources. This is about CPA Networks, Traffic sources and how he made over $500,000 in 5 months and won a free trip to Costa Rica through the Super Affiliate contest.

If you need more traffic to your website, please take a look at his videos. This is some of the best traffic information online today.

>>>Click here to watch the videos<<<

*** Update: Unfortunately access to the CPA Traffic Dojo has been closed. Hopefully they will reopen soon. ***

Outsource Force Review

This week, John Reese, internet marketing’s undisputed king, launched a new program called Outsource Force. To be clear this program is in fact a coaching program where the program will train you on how to find and outsource software development work in cloud based organizations with additional aspects to helping you expand your business. The program is also touted as being able to filter out your best ideas and keep you focused to make the best use of your time. From creating customer support to actual product creation, the Outsource Force program will instruct you on how to maximize your time and investment.

Being involved in various entrepreneurial ventures that have stalled for one reason or another, it’s hard to argue with John that Outsource Force is the next big thing in the global economy to grow your business as fast as possible. John tells a relatable story as being the inspiration to creating Outsource Force, from his early realization that EBay in its early stages was not user friendly for updating images to the auctions. Not being a developer himself, he realized spending time on learning how to program this functionality was simply above his head. This lead to an on line forum he created to ask for help with creation of this idea. While he received many helpful tips, the light bulb went off when a man from another country offered to build his entire application for a fee. This was the foundation of Outsource force, and through many years and many other successful programs, John Reese has finally been able to bring this program to the public.

***Update: Registration for this course is almost full. If you are even remotely interested, please click here to review Outsource Force for yourself. ***

SEOLinkVine Review

On March 31st, I was fortunate enough to have beta access to Brad Callen’s SEOLinkVine system. This is a system for both receiving free content to be published on your blog, as well as submitting your own content to gain backlinks. Being one of the first 100 people to use this system, I’ve had over a month to review the costs and benefits. My review of the SEOLinkVine system begins….now.

SEOLinkVine Flow for Link Building

There are 2 parts to SEOLinkVine

1. Get Free Content
The first part is a system to get free content added to your sites. If you have a blog, and don’t have time to write enough content to attract new visitors, you simply sign up for this free service and start getting free content. If you have a blog through one of the major blog services, WordPress, Blogger, etc…, then you can enable xml-rpc publishing. This sounds fancy, but you only have to click a button and provide login information for your blog. Once that’s done, you log into your SEOLinkVine account and review articles. You have the option to approve or reject any of the articles that are presented to you.

If you’re concerned about SEO, you’ll want to be very choosy about the articles you pick. Every article you publish on your site generally has 3 one-way links AWAY from your website. You’re then sending your “link juice” to that other site. (Link Juice is an SEO industry term for the search engine influence passed around by adding links to other websites.) I have used this site for a few articles, and the interface is very user friendly. You can review an article, view stats about that article, and quickly approve or reject it to move onto the next article.

This is a great system if you rely on Google AdSense or other advertising for your revenue. It’s perfect for keeping the content stream steady and gaining long-tail keywords to start pulling in some new visitors. I think this service might even warrant a paid version, but if you want to get free content, click here.

2. Submit Articles and Get Links
The second part, which is the real magic of the SEO Link Vine system, is an automated way to get valuable one-way links back to your website. Link building has always been one of the most difficult parts of the SEO process. Where do I get links? Who would want to link to my site? While you still want answers to these questions, SEOLinkVine offers a new way to get hundreds, if not thousands, of one-way links back to your site!

You start buy writing an article related to the keyword you’re promoting. You then use their “article spinning” technology to spin your article into thousands of variations. Article spinning is the act of taking an article and adding variations to different sections to make the article unique. For example, you might take the phrase, “Review of SEOLinkVine” and spin it to say “SEOLinkVine Review” and “Our Unbiased Review of SEOLinkVine”. You might also take the term “SEO” and spin it to “Search Engine Optimization”. You now have 3 variations of “Review of SEOLinkVine” and 2 variations of “SEO”. Right there, we already have 6 different variations of the article. Now if you spin 20 different sections of your article into 3 variations each, you’ll have 3.5 BILLION unique variations of your article. So now you’re asking, “Why do I need to spin my articles?” Well, the search engines have caught onto people writing one article and publishing it all over the internet to get backlinks. They, specifically Google, compare these articles, and if they’re too similar, they only consider “the most relevant” article as the one that will pass the link juice on to the site that the links point to. By spinning your article, you create thousands, or billions, of unique articles for the search engines to eat up.

Once you publish your first article, you just wait as it gets published out to the SEOLinkVine network. At this point, you can begin writing your next article, because you can write an UNLIMITED number of articles! According to Brad Callen, this is how he got nearly 30,000 backlinks in 3 months, which moved him to the #1 spot on the search engines for a highly competitive keyword.

Like I said, I’ve been using the SEOLinkVine system since their beta launch, and I’m pleased with the results. You’ll notice several trackbacks on my review of These are nearly all thanks to the SEOLinkVine system. My traffic has already started on an upward trend, and it seems to be growing every day. I will continue to use this system, and I recommend it to anyone trying to promote a new website. I have also had a few opportunities to contact their customer support about an issue with their SEOLinkVine Ranker App. This app runs stats to show your search engine position for the keywords you’ve linked in your articles, and also lists how many links you have going to those specific pages. The stats are great, but being in the beta program, I did have a few times that I needed some help. Their support system is easy to use, and the response time was acceptable. (Not super-fast, but acceptable.) It was less than 24-hours to respond to a non-emergency issue.

If you’re interested in trying SEOLinkVine, either to get free content for your blog, or to get tons of one-way backlinks, please click here. They have a 56-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Also, in the month or so that I’ve been using them, the price has already gone up once. This is such a popular program, that I think they’re going to continue raising the price until people stop buying. If you’re thinking about paying for a service to help you get links back to your site, you should move quickly on this one.

***** [5/12/2010] UPDATE *****
I received an email from Brad Callen today indicating that they will only be allowing new members into the SEOLinkvine program until 2:00PM ET this Friday, 5/14/2010.
They have reached their user capacity in just a few days and can only accept new members until Friday.
The part of the program for getting free content will be open indefinitely, but the “get links” portion will be closed to new members as of 2pm ET on Friday.
If you wanted to get into this program, you need to move even more quickly than previously stated.

*** The doors might be closed, but you can sign up to be notified if and when they reopen them. They do this to limit the number of users so they can properly support the new influx of members. Use the link below to see if you can sign up. ***

Click here to sign up for SEOLinkVine.

Internet Marketing and the Wholesale Industry

Well I had a revelation today. For as long as I’ve been writing here, I have thought of this primarily as a wholesale blog. I have concentrated on how to find wholesale suppliers and sell wholesale products. However, I’ve been overlooking the “sell” part of the Sell Wholesale name. It’s all well and good if you can find great wholesale sources, but if you can’t sell those products, you won’t have much of a business.

Therefore, I have decided to start providing more information about Internet Marketing. Essentially, internet marketing refers to things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, Social Media, and any other methods for generating traffic to your website. I will also begin posting reviews of internet marketing systems. This is one area where internet marketing and the wholesale industry are very much alike. They are both teeming with scams and excessive hype around every corner. As I have tried to do with some of my wholesale reviews, I hope to provide clear and unbiased information about internet marketing systems that might otherwise seem too risky or scammy.

I hope you will offer up your questions and suggestions as we continue on this journey. I look forward to helping you grow your business.

New to SEO? Here Are Some Useful Tips

You should have some understanding about Search Engine Optimization as an Internet marketeer. SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is utilized by Internet marketeers everywhere to increase the ranking results of their websites with the various search engines. Bing, Google and Yahoo will exposure your website to loads of targeted traffic who can visit and buy from you. However, you have to learn a bit about SEO to get it right. It can even seem impossible when you first start out, if you’ve never used it before. Let’s go over some SEO essentials that will help your marketing efforts.

Give your site the most readable and legible format possible. You’ll know that you have to work on it if even you can’t figure out how to get back to your home page. Making your site as simple to move around in as possible will allow search engines to find it useful and relevant, which will help you immensely. If you insert as many advertisements into the site, blurring the line between what is actual content and what is not, you will find the confusion does not help you in the long run. When it comes to readability and design, the old cliche, “Less is more,” is the golden rule to follow.

Keep in mind that the sites that rank high on the search lists are the ones that keep their content updated on a regular basis. This keeps visitors coming back and shows the powers that be that you are constantly working on your site. So be sure to upload SEO content regularly. Your readers and the search engine spiders will eat it up.

Think about it this way – you wouldn’t want to visit a site over and over again just to view the same content, would you? You’ll find that this part of SEO remains true all the time.

One keyword at a time is what you want to focus on optimizing. For each page or post you put up on your page, center on one keyword phrase. If you are trying to optimize for too many different things, you will end up doing so for none of them and your writing will be cluttered. Remember, you want your content to be readable and enjoyable. The visitors to your site will turn their back on you and go to your competitor’s site if your content sounds like spam because of all the keywords you’ve tried to include. Spiders are good, but readers are better. As a matter of fact, your site rankings turn on readers. Search engine optimization comes with so many rules and nuances that you might be daunted by the large task of sorting it all out in order to just get a few articles posted. It doesn’t help at all that it’s a constantly changing thing, either. Fortunately, you will understand what you need to do to ensure that your websites and information are both user and search engine friendly over time. You can get on Google’s front page before you know it!

Tips To Establish A Sustainable Income With Drop Ship Products

One of the greatest tips and best ways to make money with drop ship products is to do research and analysis of the items that you are thinking about reselling. The most common mistake that people make is to decide to sell items without getting information that will make a critical difference is your overall business growth and success.

The marketability of a product is determined using calculations and factors from several different areas. When you are using a tool like that provided by World Wide Brands, you can get some important information before you commit a product to your website or ebay account. Evaluating the products you are selling and knowing the realistic return that you can expect will give you the opportunity to focus your efforts on growing your business and generating traffic to the product site.

Some of the information that will be important to your successful sales will be an analysis of the number of people on the Internet that search for the item and the number of people selling the item. When you are selling a product that is sold on a massive scale by several sources, your margin for profit will be reduced.

Knowing about the current advertising and marketing techniques and methods currently used by people who are currently selling the item will aid in gauging what type of marketing you will need to do to compete with your competition.

When there are several variations of a product on the market it will dilute the profitability of the product. This can significantly decrease the net profit on the product and reduce your return. The most common variations on products are found in software programs and products that can be hacked or replicated easily.

A great advantage for success with drop shipping products will be driving traffic to your product site and increasing visibility and credibility in your market. When a person is reselling items in a niche market, the necessity of visibility is further increased because the competition for many of these markets is intense.

Clothing Wholesale Dealers To Build Your Fashion Store Online

When you decide to make retailing clothing your job, you still need to find clothing wholesale dealers to give you the products you need. Checking online may show you companies that can get them to you, but in many cases this is a middleman that will eat into your profits.

You need to find dealers that have been approved by the manufacturer for wholesale when you get your product sourcing. This can be found sometimes by contacting the manufacturer and asking, or you can more easily find it through a network like World Wide Brands who has already checked for these dealers and listed them within their network.

If you look for these independently, you need to make sure that you can easily access their contact information, including numbers and length of time in business. Make a call to see if they answer it as a house phone, or if it is a business. When you place orders, they will always require you to give your business and tax id information.

Using a place like World Wide Brands has the benefit of letting you search for the products you want and other options. They mark the ones that allow smaller orders at the wholesale price, which clothing wholesale dealers let you sell the items on eBay and even which do the drop shipping for you. They did the leg work, making this an easier option in many cases.

Once you have your distributors, research. Go to the place you want to sell at and look at the items that are hot and selling well. Make note of the color, cut and design and what the name brand is. Check the prices they sell for and then go back to your wholesaler and see if they can get this for you. If you are in a network, this is a simple search. You can use this information and be able to compete effectively for your profits and be able to earn money.

Having good clothing wholesale dealers to give you the items you want can help to make your business perform well and make you money. A company like World Wide Brands can make this process easier, giving you time to manage your business and grow it.