Traffic Travis SEO Software Review

I’ve used many of the top SEO products on the market, and I just found a new one that I really like. It’s called Traffic Travis, and so far it is proving to be one of the best SEO software products I’ve ever used.

Let’s start with the main problem of SEO tools. It’s so hard to get actionable data out of them! I’ve used some very expensive SEO tools, and you really need to spend some time just to learn how to get the data you want. Then, it can be a chore to export that data so you can digest it and come up with a plan to improve your site’s SEO rankings. This is where Traffic Travis is so different. As you create a new project, before you can even start entering data to start your analysis, a video pops up showing how to use that section. I love this! You don’t have to log into a separate website, or watch videos on YouTube to figure out how to use the software, it just pops up right as you’re getting into a new project. Maybe it’s just me, but this feature really sells me on this product. Which, by the way, has a totally useful free version. There is a paid version if you want to expand some of the features, but for most of us getting started in SEO, the free version is a great first step.

If you can’t wait, you can download Traffic Travis for free here.

Now that you know how much I’m personally impressed by Traffic Travis, here’s a review of features so you know how you can benefit from all of its wonderful usability.

The goal of Traffic Travis isn’t simply to provide you with keywords, but to give you a complete overview of your niche and your competitors. So, while other programs focus on keyword analysis, this one will also go into greater detail for PPC data and your competition’s site structure. Here’s an overview of what Traffic Travis offers:

Keyword Research
The most popular feature to any Traffic Travis review is keyword research. The keyword researcher works by taking a search term of your choosing and spitting out 20-2,000 keywords related to the term. It’s all automatic and instead of just one site’s data, you’ll get data from both Yahoo! and Microsoft’s search engines as well, allowing to see how many total daily searches there are. Those keywords can then be saved in a file for later use or sorted to remove any unwanted long tails. (or you can keep those long tails in a separate file for those of you that like to target them)

SEO Research
Want to know how your site performs for various keywords? Just toss in your list of keywords along with a domain name and see where it lists for each phrase in each search engine. Pages and pages of data are available for instant analysis. Additionally, you can use the Page Analysis to dig into your pages and see a detailed SEO report for that domain. These reports include lists of links, page ranking, traffic ranks, header data, titles and meta tags and top keywords. In short, it’s an instant breakdown of how well you’re performing in SEO.

*** Tip: Do the same analysis for your top keyword competitors to figure out how they’re getting such great rankings. You can copy what they’re doing right, and avoid what they’re doing wrong, and with time you’ll come out on top!

PPC Data
Any good Traffic Travis review has to hit on the value of this tool for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) research. Traffic Travis will take your list of keywords and provide a breakdown of the number of ads for that phrase, the top sites for any given keyword, and a list of the most popular keywords in that advertising group. You can see instantly who is advertising for what and which phrases actually work to make money. Again, this is a great place to spy on your competition and one-up them just by a bit.

SEO Analysis
This is a commonly overlooked tool, allowing you to see the top sites for any given keyword phrase along with Page Ranks, age, back links, directory listings, title tags, and all the other SEO data you’ll need. This is the tool you’ll want to use to get information about your competition.

I wrote this Traffic Travis review to show you not only everything the software has to offer, but how those features have made the lives of so many Internet marketers easier. Of course Traffic Travis can provide every one of the tools you need to test your sites, check your competitors, choose your keywords, and ensure your PPC campaign turns out as well as you’ve planned. For features like these, most SEO software packages cost $100 or more. Beyond all of that is that the people behind Traffic Travis really made the software easy to use. Even though Traffic Travis is free, I’m starting to think it’s one of the best programs out there for optimizing your SEO efforts.

Time to give it a try! Get Traffic Travis for Free Here!
* If you do give it a try, I’d love if you could come back and leave a comment about your experience.

*** I’m working on a post to directly compare several of the best SEO software packages. Just add a comment below to nominate your favorite SEO software! ***

What is XRaider SEO Software?

I recently discovered a new product called XRAIDER SEO. It is billed as “The last lesson in search engine optimization that you’ll ever need…” This product is actually so new to me, I haven’t even had a chance to fully review it. At first, I asked myself, what is XRaider SEO Software? That’s why I’m throwing this post out there, just to see if any of you have heard of XRaider SEO software.

Here’s what I know so far about XRaider Professional SEO Software:

  • It allows you to “copy the secrets” of top ranking websites on Google.
  • It helps identify links specific to your niche.
  • It shows how your competitors are getting their links.
  • It details why your competitors links are working so well.
  • It also appears to help with email marketing by turning the tedious activities on auto-pilot.
  • They have a 30 day no questions asked guarantee. (Important when trying out new services.)

They also have 3 different editions of the software:
XRAIDER Platinum Edition (Only available after you’ve cleared $500k in free traffic.)
XRAIDER Gold Edition
XRAIDER Silver Edition

I can’t talk about the pricing here, but if you click the links above, you’ll get to see the pricing as well as some additional information about the XRAIDER software.

I’d like to hear from someone else who’s used this software before I write my review of XRaider. ***Lots of good comments below!*** If you have, please leave a comment or send me an email. I’ll be done with the full review soon. There are a lot of good features in this software, so I expect it to be a good one.