Amazon Black Friday Sale Starts Today!

I’m betting that in a few years, retailers start having a “black thanksgiving week” sale, just to drum up more business and get more consumers to beat each other up over a free remote control.

Well, Amazon is starting today with their Black Friday Sale.? Fortunately, you don’t have to drive, park, OR wait in line.? I checked it out, and there really do seem to be some good deals.? Like a Leatherman for $13, or a compound mitre saw for $140 (hint hint…), and DVDs are 50% off.? Take a look to see if there’s anything you can remove from your actual black friday shopping list.

Amazon Black Friday Sale Starts Today!

Review of

I think I’ve found a very good wholesale source for many of you readers! is similar to or GlobalSources in that they list many other wholesale sources. However, is built on a community of users that comment on and review all of the wholesalers. Actually, the moderators at even secretly purchase from the suppliers so they can write their own reviews. **Update: Information added about the SaleHoo Research Labs below. This is a new feature that you’re going to love!

1. What is is a members-only directory of wholesale sources. They have thousands of wholesalers, drop shippers, liquidation companies, and manufacturers that you can purchase from directly.

2. Member’s Forum
A great feature of being a SaleHoo member is that you can ask the community for advice before you make a purchase from any of the suppliers. You can ask questions about suppliers, products, or even the quality of products coming from various countries. With this safety net, you can be more confident that you won’t get scammed or ripped off. And as always, if you have any other questions, you could always leave it in the comments here. I love to help out other small business owners. (And those hoping to get into online business.)

Update: What is the Research Labs?
The Research Labs section is a great new addition to SaleHoo, because it helps take some of the guesswork out of choosing a product to sell. You can enter a keyword and the research labs will give you a ton of great information about that product. The information is geard toward selling on ebay, and they give you information such as Average Sale Price, Sell-Through Rate, Best day to end your auction, most common auction duration, and a rating of how much competition you’ll face. They also have charts where you can compare sales numbers of different products against each other. This tool is a great start for any of your product research.

I’d like to include more information in this review of, but they have a sales page that really lays it out for you. After you’ve skimmed the sales page and testimonials, I highly recommend the 3-minute tour. They have blue links every so often on their sales page. Just click one of those to review the highlights of the site.

(In case you missed the links, click here to check out

Wholesale Cell Phones and Accessories

I’ve had many requests for information on wholesale cell phones and cell phone accessories.? While it might be tough to compete with the major cell phone providers, you still might be able to find a great deal on cell phones or accessories.

The first source I found was I’ve had a few people ask whether was a scam, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to verify them one way or the other.? If anyone has had an experience with LightInTheBox, please leave us a comment about your experience. is a wholesaler of products made in China.? The nice thing is that they offer a wide range of unique products.? The drawback is that most of the products aren’t name-brand.? Another good thing is that their minimum order for some products starts as low as 1 item.? Unfortunately, their prices are nearly as high as retail.? Honestly, as I review more of their products, I’m becoming much less impressed.? Specifically, they offer the “HiPhone” which is an iPhone knockoff.? This phone is clearly a total ripoff of the iPhone, so I have to question if there’s copyright infringement going on here.? The screenshots are either pictures of an actual iPhone, or they copied the design so perfectly (and used the same graphics on the phone), that you can’t tell the difference.? I didn’t mean to spend so much time on this product, but this product alone makes me question the legality of the entire site.? I would be very interested to hear if anyone has experience with this site.

Another source for cell phone accessories is They seem to actually have partnerships with the major cell phone brands.? The prices for their accessories seem reasonable, but still on the high side to be calling them “wholesale”.

If you’re looking for Micro SD cards or adapters, this is NOT the place to get them.? Their wholesale prices are over $20 for most cards.? You can find 2GB Micro SD cards with multiple adapters for less than $10 on or Please do not patronize the major cell phone companies that are selling these things for $30 or $50.? That’s ridiculous!

After this bit of research, I’m going to go with what I expected to say in the first place.? If you want to buy cell phones at prices cheap enough to resell, you’ll have to strike a deal with the manufacturer or one of their authorized distributors.? All of the prices I’ve seen are ok if you want to get yourself an unlocked cell phone at a decent price.? However, if you’re really looking to sell cell phones, don’t expect to easily find a source online.

The moral of the story is that you absolutely must not buy accessories at the cell phone provider’s store.? (ie, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T…)? The markup is absolutely outrageous and you’d just be throwing your money away on an impulse purchase.? If you want cell phone accessories on the cheap, the sites above should be enough to get you started.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

With halloween right around the corner, many merchants need to restock their halloween costume inventory.? Unfortunately, it might be a little late for this post.? Halloween is less than a month away, and any wholesale orders probably won’t be fulfilled for a few weeks.? Unless you have a retail location and you’re running out of costumes, you may want to bookmark this post to get ready for next year.

I found a list of halloween costume suppliers at The two main suppliers seem to be HuaMin and Leadtex Clothing.? In total, there are just over 100 halloween costume items available for sale.? There’s a good mix of full costumes, small masks, and latex masks.? You won’t find the “brand-name” costumes, but there is a nice selection of generic costumes and masks available.? If you’re looking to get started selling halloween costumes, this may be a good place to start.

Wholesale Halloween Candy

A friend of mine is having a Halloween party and said she had to buy a ton of candy. I figured I’d take a look around to see if there were any good sources of wholesale candy online.

I started by searching for “wholesale halloween candy” but was quickly disappointed. It looks like there are many “wholesale” candy distributors, but they all had 2 problems.

1. Their websites are terrible. Coming from a web development background, that’s the first thing I see when I visit a site.? I realize that might not have anything to do with how good their business is, but it’s my first impression and so far it’s all been bad.

2. The prices really aren’t that great.? One site had 48 Snickers bars for $41.? That’s barely below retail, if at all.? You can go to any grocery store and buy regular candy bars for a dollar.? After you add shipping, the deal gets even worse.

I was surprised to find that had a listing for 48 Snickers bars for $28.80.? The shipping is $7.50, but we’re still well below $1 per bar.? It was an Amazon storefront run by “TheOnlineCandyShop”.

It appears that a quick search on Amazon can find just about any candy you’re looking for, at wholesale prices.? I’d love to say I knew of a small business website that could provide good prices for wholesale halloween candy, but so far, I’d say go to Amazon and search there.? Fortunately, most of the products you find are offered by individuals or small businesses with storefronts on Amazon.

I was hoping to save this post for October, but I hope it helps for those of you who are stocking up on Halloween candy.? If you know of a better source for wholesale candy, please let us know in the comments.? I’d be happy to give them a link.

Happy Halloween! Review

Today, we’ll review the wholesale source, We get the information you need to make an informed decision. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please leave a comment.

What is is an auction site that specializes in wholesale merchandise. Unlike, who is a directory of other suppliers, carries everything from jewelry to computers to tools to industrial ovens. Don’t expect to buy 1 item here unless of course it’s an industrial oven or a truck. (Yes, they also have wholesale lots of cars and trucks.) Most lots consist of 50 to 100 pieces. The site is very active and always seems to have an abundance of merchandise to choose from. Their stock ticker is LQDT for all you financial analysts out there.

What kinds of products are they offering and how do the prices compare?

They offer new, used, returned, refurbished, and salvaged merchandise. Most have the disclaimer that all sales are as-is. Meaning, those 20 lcd monitors you just bought for $100 might not actually work. It’s up to you to check out the products before placing your bid. This is my official warning for you to read the fine print and do a reality check before placing any bids. There is a nice selection of merchandise on this site, but you still need to watch out for the duds.

Do they have name brand merchandise?

Yes. A quick scan shows that they carry products from Dell, Apple, HP, Compaq, Samsung, and a slew of other name brands. (Sorry, that was my techie side showing. You’ll also see brands like: Coach, Kenneth Cole, Movado, and Rocawear.)

Do they have the products that are in demand?

Yes, the products you’ll find there are the types of products that are in demand. Web cams, LCD TVs, purses, jewelry, and consumer electronics are all found at Their most popular category is consumer electronics with jewelry and watches coming in a close second. The electronics products generally aren’t the latest models, but you’ll see that the prices take that into account.

How are their prices?? Is there room for markup?

This is an auction site, so the products go for the price you bid. Popular products may get bid up to fairly high amounts, but if you do your research before bidding, you should be able to set a budget and stick to it. $100 for 10 digital cameras might be a great deal, but $1200 not so much. There are tons of great deals to be found on this site, but again you need to watch out for the duds. *See the comments…

How is the shipping? has warehouses all over the United States so you should be able to find items at a location near you. This will help immensely when shipping large wholesale lots. This is another area that can catch you off guard. For large and cheap items, the shipping could exceed the amount paid for the product itself. They have links on the auction pages so you can get shipping quotes or ask questions before placing your bid. DO THIS! Those monitors won’t be a great deal if you have to pay $1000 for shipping.

How is their customer service?

I was surprised to find actual email addresses available on their contact page. You can easily email or call their support or service departments with any questions. They also give the phone number to their headquarters which you can call from 9AM to 6PM Eastern time.

Summary of

I think is an excellent place to get started with wholesale merchandise. You can easily browse the products and prices without having to commit to anything. With the power of the Internet, you can find a product on, open Google in a new window and search for the current price. I also recommend searching Ebay for the product to determine the going price and scope out your competition. If the market is flooded with $2 auctions for your product, just look for another product.

Registration is free and allows you to ask your questions to the sellers.? Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions.? Once you win an auction, you’re responsible for what you bought.? Whether you just want to get started selling wholesale products or you just want to sell a few things on Ebay, I think is a great place to test the waters. Click here to register for a free account.

Disclosure: I have an affiliate account with If you sign up for an account through a link on I might receive some compensation.

For another source of wholesale products, please check out our review of