China Wholesale vs. Taiwan Wholesale

When I was in the wholesale sunglasses business, I briefly looked into having custom glasses manufactured from China.? However, a few people I talked to recommended Taiwan because they said the quality was better.? They said if I was looking for lower prices, go China, but if I wanted better quality, go with Taiwan.? I received some samples from companies in each country.? In my small sample, the Taiwanese samples felt slightly more solid than the Chinese ones, but I’d really like to hear what you think about this.

Let’s pose this question in two scenarios:

1. If you were having a product manufactured, what country would you use?

2. If you were buying a truckload of wholesale merchandise, what country would you use?

If you have a preference, please post it in the comments and let us know why you made your choice.

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  1. We have a small buisiness and we are looking to start buying low price merchandise to sell at our small buisiness you have to start somewhere thank you

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