Clothing Wholesale Dealers To Build Your Fashion Store Online

When you decide to make retailing clothing your job, you still need to find clothing wholesale dealers to give you the products you need. Checking online may show you companies that can get them to you, but in many cases this is a middleman that will eat into your profits.

You need to find dealers that have been approved by the manufacturer for wholesale when you get your product sourcing. This can be found sometimes by contacting the manufacturer and asking, or you can more easily find it through a network like World Wide Brands who has already checked for these dealers and listed them within their network.

If you look for these independently, you need to make sure that you can easily access their contact information, including numbers and length of time in business. Make a call to see if they answer it as a house phone, or if it is a business. When you place orders, they will always require you to give your business and tax id information.

Using a place like World Wide Brands has the benefit of letting you search for the products you want and other options. They mark the ones that allow smaller orders at the wholesale price, which clothing wholesale dealers let you sell the items on eBay and even which do the drop shipping for you. They did the leg work, making this an easier option in many cases.

Once you have your distributors, research. Go to the place you want to sell at and look at the items that are hot and selling well. Make note of the color, cut and design and what the name brand is. Check the prices they sell for and then go back to your wholesaler and see if they can get this for you. If you are in a network, this is a simple search. You can use this information and be able to compete effectively for your profits and be able to earn money.

Having good clothing wholesale dealers to give you the items you want can help to make your business perform well and make you money. A company like World Wide Brands can make this process easier, giving you time to manage your business and grow it.

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  1. Hi Jason,

    I recently discovered your blog and read your article on “Starting a Wholesale Business” series. I followed the article until you decided to sell sunglasses (April 2009), however; it seems the series stopped. Please let me know if there are blogs I missed.

    I am interested in starting a whole sale business and I need all the help I can get.


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