Review is a wholesale service that concentrates on dropshipping. Their main focus is on making it extremely easy to sell their products. Obviously this isn’t purely for your benefit. If you sell more products, they also make more money. You pay a monthly fee of $49.95 or $59.95 depending on the features you want. In return, you get access to 1.2 million products that their suppliers will dropship on your behalf.

From the website…

Doba provides a place where suppliers can list their product inventory, and you can find items to sell. These different suppliers will drop ship products right to your customers, so you never have to handle or ship products. If you’re a retailer looking for products to sell we have a service package that will work for you.


Push to Marketplace Tool: has an integration with Ebay that allows you to post an item for sale in just 3 steps.? This is one of the ways they make it so easy to sell their products.

Custom Product Exports: You can export a custom list of products that contain titles, descriptions, MSRP’s, and images to be imported into your eCommerce website.? *Note, this feature is only available at the $59.95 per month level.

eBay and eCommerce Training: Tips, tricks, and strategies for selling on eBay by Steve Lindhorst.? They’ll also teach you the basics of setting up your own eCommerce website.

Advanced eBay and eCommerce Training: This gets into the finer details of running an online business.? Topics such as marketing, revenue analytics, selling bundles, and customer retention.?? *Note, this feature is only available at the $59.95 per month level.

I’ll say that their prices aren’t incredibly low.? However, the fact that they take care of most administrative tasks more than makes up for it.? Calculate all of the time you would spend buying an item, storing, packing, and shipping it before sending it to your customer, and you will truly value this drop shipping service.? As long as you can make a few dollars on each sale, you should be able to have such an automated system that you can sell much more than you could by manually processing all of your orders.

They also carry brand name wholesale merchandise.? Brands such as Dell, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Skechers, DKNY, JVC, Kenneth Cole, Disney, Kenwood, KitchenAid all have products available for drop ship from the site.

Upon signing up for the free 7-day trial, I received an email with a link to a 45-minute webinar titled, “Picking Products That Sell”.? Hopefully it will help with my “starting a wholesale business” project.

Why should you sign up for an account?

Automation.? That pretty much sums it up.? They’ve gone to great lengths to make it easy for you to sell their products.? A couple clicks and you have an eBay listing configured.? You don’t have to worry about inventory, shipping, or returns.? And, depending on your business model, you really don’t have to pay for anything until you’ve already made a sale.

You’ll need to be fairly active to justify the monthly fee, but I encourage you to sign up for a free 7-day trial account, if for nothing but to compare their prices.

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  1. The prices are way to expensive and they harrass with 2 or 3 phone call a day. when I complained about the calls, they called about that! low inventory, high pressure, high prices,you would have to be high to use them!

    1. Thanks for the input @billy.

      I agree that the prices are high. One could argue that you’re paying for the dropshipping service, but the prices still need to be lower for you to make a profit.

      I also want to note that it’s their policy to not cancel accounts based on email or website notification. To cancel your free trial, you have to call them. It may not seem like a big deal, but I find this very annoying.

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