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After hearing from several customers and visitors of, it seems that the Green Dot MoneyPak is a part of the problem. I’m usually not one to take sides, but the Green Dot MoneyPak seems to benefit the merchants far more than the buyers.

Based on reviews and information I’ve read about the MoneyPak, I recommend ONLY using it with the list of partners that accept MoneyPak. Most horror stories seem to surround merchants who are not directly affiliated with Green Dot MoneyPak.

I can’t find any benefit to buying a MoneyPak versus other payment methods. Credit cards have buyer protection, and even PayPal has a chargeback policy that favors the purchaser. (hence why some businesses only accept MoneyPak instead of taking credit cards or PayPal)

If you’ve had a good experience with a Green Dot MoneyPak, I’d love to hear from you. And if you think MoneyPak is a scam or have a horror story to share, please leave a comment and help spread the word.

*** Update ***

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is aware of scammers using GreenDot MoneyPaks to steal your money. Here’s an excerpt of an article about it on the BBB website. (Read the full article on the BBB website.)

The BBB says the public should be very cautious when using a Green Dot MoneyPak to pay an unfamiliar company or individual. Anyone who requires an upfront payment with a Green Dot MoneyPak is very possibly operating a scam.

Nationally, BBBs have received numerous complaints from consumers who say they were scammed by fake companies requiring online payments through Green Dot MoneyPaks.

I also found the BBB site for Green Dot Corporation in Monrovia, California. (Los Angeles BBB) Follow this link to learn more about Green Dot or to file a complaint. Somehow they still have an A+ rating, even though they have an average of 1-star rating by 68 users and have nearly 914 complaints filed. (as of 5/16/2011) *If we get them over 1,000 complaints, maybe they’ll finally lose their A+ status?

(I know it sounds like self-promotion, but please share this page with whoever you can to help get the word out.)

10 Replies to “Green Dot Money Pak”

  1. This was my first time to use GreenDot Money Pak. I just as well took a match to $450.00 I have learned one thing I will never use them again. I’m like others cannot believe they have no way to trace where this money is going. or maybe that’s the way they want it.

  2. Won’t be using green dot again either. I realize they provided all kinds of warnings, but I still do not believe they have no ability to follow up on this. They know this was a scam and they know that there were many scammed by the same party. Poor business!

  3. I too lost $450. Strange that it’s the same ammount, must be the same scam. In my case it was, after looking into it, the name is pretty funny, same scam, NEW name. Is there any way out after you’ve lost the money? Has anyone been able to get teh money back from GreenDot?

  4. I am in the same boat except for $899 on Buy-Liquidation. I want to pursue this matter further against Green Dot. I was told that they have information as to whom the recipient is but that they will not release it without a subpoena. 1 of the 6 (that I now know of) fraudulent sites this man has been operating was registered to a real person in Beaverton, OR. I’m trying to file legal action against him. Please, email me at if you have any documentation you would be willing to share with me to build up a bigger case to share with law enforcement/legal counsel.

  5. I am out $740.00 as well. They tell me they know who has my money but will not release the Info. without a subpoena as well. Talking to these people is a freaking joke. They told me that they cannot get in contact with whoever has my money and they told me they froze this jerks account anf that my money was still in there, but that they would mail a check to him and that if it returned to greendot that they would keep MY money for themselves. Thats BS!

  6. I’m out $375.00. I saw the ebay/paypal logos on the moneypak card and thought there were some protections. Nope. Everything is traceable these days. Got the same BS response about the subpeona. I was able to get a piece of information that the crooks are used other prepaid cards to receive the cash. Never again will I use a Moneypak or non-credit card backed purchase. This is the first time in my life that I was ripped off like this. For the record, a non-delivered email from the fraudulent website came from web4africa. The government should come in here and write a law requiring a holding period and traceability for all Moneypak and other cards like this. Period!

  7. I purchased a money pak to load my pay pal and it only allows for $250 and something about if you are verified, up to 4k a year. It only allowed $250. I called moneypak and paypal, each blamed the other and I am still with out fund, Moneypak is send a refund, but I havent received. I would not reccomend moneypak to anyone. I must have called both sides 5 time each and always a run around. moneypak sucks, never again

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