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I know I’m always pimping, but so far they’re one of my favorite resources for wholesale merchandise.? Free to get started.? No commitments.? It’s almost as easy as Ebay, but with the intent of buying things to make money. has a Hot Deals section where they list the auctions that are ending soon.

One product that stood out was the Stix 400 game. While it’s getting mixed reviews as a Wii remote knockoff for your PC, there seems to be a market for them. (ie. anyone not fortunate enough to have a real Wii yet) I’ve seen the Stix 400 version online for $20 to $40. At this moment the bidding is at $175 for 96 of them. (ie. a pretty good price) They also make a Stix 100 and Stix 200, but both of those got very negative reviews from gamers.

Before you buy anything from, always make sure to check the condition of the product. It will be labeled, New, Returns, Shelf Pulls, or Salvage depending on the source of the merchandise.

Take a look at’s Hot Deals as soon as you get a chance.

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