How do I cancel my Account?

I have been frustrated more than once at the fact that can accept my membership via electronic means, but absolutely won’t allow me to cancel my membership with the same method.

For anyone searching for ways to cancel a DOBA membership, I give you the text from their help file:

To cancel your account, please call 1.877.321.3622 to speak to a Member Services Representative who can help you cancel your account. Member Services is available between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM Mountain Time, Monday through Friday. Please note that, at this time, we are unable to process cancellation requests via email.

This policy is also outlined in the Terms of Use. See the Terms of Use by checking on the following link:


Basically, you have to call during their normal business hours. They will not accept your cancellation via any other means.*

*I was able to cancel electronically several years ago by making this same argument. Unfortunately, I recently created a trial account and tried to cancel it the same way, but it was a no go this time.

DOBA might be a good way to get your wholesale business started, but be warned that it’s not as easy to cancel as it is to sign up.

If you do want to give them a try, they’ve just increased their free trial length from 7 days to 14. Definitely worth a look. (and now that you’re going to bookmark this page, you’ll know how to cancel if you decide you don’t want the service.) 🙂

Click here to try

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  1. This is my second attempt to cancel my account and have my money returned to me. My checking account has been accessed two (2) times for $59.95 for a total of $119.90 and I want it to be returned. I have not used your service and have no intention of using it. To continue taking my money without honoring my request to discontinue the service is nothing more than fraud and theft on your part! No wonder there are so many negative coments made about this company..!

    1. Dan,
      I hope you’re not confusing with

      If you need to cancel your Doba account, you’ll need to call them. It only takes a minute and they’re only moderately pushy in trying to keep your account.

    1. The issue here isn’t so much “why” you want to cancel. DOBA is a good service for dropshipping. The point of this post is that it’s more difficult to cancel than it is to sign up.

    1. @sharon,

      You can cancel your DOBA account by calling the number on this page. Please note, this site is not related to DOBA, but we do recommend them as a dropshipper. If you aren’t pleased, or can’t use their services for some reason, I encourage you to call the number on this page to cancel your account. They usually resist a bit and make offers if you’ll stay, but if you reject these offers, they will graciously cancel your account.

  2. I just called the number five minutes ago. The automated voice prompt actually says to log in and if you are still under your trial period you can cancel under the “my account tab”, however I could not find it, so I waited for a live person. She needed my account number (located in the upper right when you are logged in) and reason for cancelling. I basically told her that I couldn’t profit on as small a scale as I planned to sell, and that was that. I got a cancellation confirmation within seconds.

    I just wanted to add that for those wanting to make a few extra bucks by using this service on eBay, you probably should even bother. I scoured hundreds to maybe thousands of items throughout my trial and wouldn’t have been able to make a dime on a single one. I would almost always be having to sell for 10% more than the lowest cost out there. While I realize success on eBay isn’t necessarily “cheapest price takes it”, I still think it would nbe next to impossible to succeed on eBay unless you already have a successful business there and are able to make sales based on your customers service and prior feedbacks.

  3. Virtually everything I could sale from Doba was being sold by someone else for or less than the price I could get it form Doba for. There is no way to offer a competitive price and still make money after fees and over priced shipping. I don’t believe there is any way you can make a legitimate business model from Doba. Don’t waste your time, start a REAL business.

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