How to Sell Wholesale Jewelry

Jewelry is a huge seller on eBay and on the internet in general. One of my favorite
things about selling it is that it’s so lightweight that
your shipping costs don’t eat into your profits. Plus,
because wholesale jewelry items are so small, you don’t
need to arrange for any type of special storage for them. They are a very economical
choice for sellers.

If you are just starting out on eBay, or you are
looking for a new niche, you should definitely give wholesale jewelry a try.

To help get you started, below are 5 tips for selling wholesale jewelry on eBay:

1. Find a reliable source of jewelry. Wholesalers are a
great option. All good suppliers offer low prices and attentive
customer service. When you are looking for a wholesale jewelry supplier, make sure
you take the time to find source you can trust. I always make
sure my suppliers meet the following requirements:

a) They offer safe payment options such as PayPal or
credit card payments. That way, you can do a charge back
if something goes wrong. b) They are a member of a
directory such as who verifies all their
suppliers. c) They have been in business for more than 2
years. (You can check this by going to and entering their URL to see
their company information.) *If you are doing any amount of business online, you should become familiar with They are a fantastic resource for domain information.

2. Before you go dealing with a new supplier, order a
sample of the wholesale jewelry from them first. This way
you can assess their quality before committing to a larger
order. When ordering samples, make sure you take the time
to wear the jewelry yourself to see if it tarnishes or
breaks easily. Buyers are always looking for good quality
items when it comes to jewelry.

3. Avoid fake goods. This is vitally important. The
penalties for selling fake items are very serious, and
auction sites like eBay are dedicated to keeping their
sites free from fakes. Sometimes it can be hard telling
the difference between a genuine designer item and a fake.
The trouble is, many suppliers of fake wholesale jewelry
sell them at very low prices to entice new sellers in.

What these sellers don’t know is that even at a
wholesale rate, designer goods are very expensive. There
really is no such thing as a $100 Rolex watch, or a $50
pair of Tiffany earrings… unless of course, they are fake!

*If you are caught selling “fake” products, the law actually refers to that as felony counterfeiting. This is very serious…YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT SELL ANYTHING THAT YOU MIGHT REFER TO AS “FAKE” OR “KNOCKOFF”. These are just nice ways of saying they are counterfeit. The minimum fine in the USA is $250,000 and 2 years in prison. You have been warned.

4. Once you have sourced your jewelry, give yourself
more of a chance of making a sale by including more than
one photo of the wholesale jewelry items. Buyers love to
see the item thoroughly, and photos are the only way to do
this. While it does cost extra in eBay fees to list more
than 1 photo, it is proven that listings with more than 3
photos sell better than those which do not. If you are
concerned about paying more in eBay fees, look into using
a free image host such as

5. Research the current hot sellers on eBay. Even if
you aren’t selling your wholesale jewelry on eBay,
researching what are currently the big sellers there can
give you the snapshot you need to sell to succeed on any
market. eBay Pulse is a fantastic
tool that eBay provides sellers to give them a bird’s eye
view of what the hot selling items are.

For jewelry sellers, you can find out the hot sellers
by drilling down to the Jewelry and Watches category and
seeing what comes up. eBay Pulse will then give you the
top 10 hot sellers. This will give you some great ideas on
what to sell.

Follow these 5 tips, and you’ll be well on your way
to succeeding in the wholesale jewelry niche.

3 Replies to “How to Sell Wholesale Jewelry”

  1. thanx for a great article on jewelry fakes , its about time to start exposing this area of trade which is still very much under the radar in my opinion.

    today people are more aware of counterfeit clothing, bags & hopefully meds .
    Lets try to understand the implications of highly toxic counterfeit jewelry manufacturing by parties that are not government regulated.
    Not to long ago ToysRus had to pull Mill. $ worth of goods of shelves do to toxic amounts of Lead ,nickle,etc.. in product which was manufactured by a government regulated plant.

    Now take fake jewelry and WEAR IT.
    WHEN your body acidity levels are low you face wearing and adsorbing these HIGH LEVELS OF toxins for prolonged periods of time and if your body acidity is normal to high you break out in hives and watch the item turn green.
    i cant go in to much more detail here , just do a bit of research and don’t be surprised when you start noticing the word CANCER more and more…

    I speak as a manufacturer of designer inspired jewelry, a high quality LEAD FREE alternative to high priced designer brands.

    I don’t want to make this sound like an add for my product but when i saw this post i knew i had to add my 2 cents. Designer Inspired or inspired by is not a new concept and been used by large companies for years .

    H&M, Forever21 are just few of today mainstream designer alternative players already in or coming to a Mall near you .

    I am willing to bet my business on it,lol, (i guess i already did) , that the inspired by movement is on its way to mom & pop shops on or offline .
    Social Media will play a Big Role in exposing the good , the bad & the ugly!

  2. Thanks for the info Robert. I might have to consider doing a review of your site as a wholesale jewelry source. After a quick run through, I’m intrigued enough to take a second look.

  3. Happy 2011 Jason !
    hope all is well , i have some interesting updates on some cool 2011 wholesale features we will e introducing like group trade , daily deals ,etc..
    i am such a thesis addict , you saw that my site is all thesis based !

    by the way if you need any sort of development, extensions or even a social community on this site, let me know.

    I can only consult and show you how to do it yourself but i don’t do this commercially so NO Money please , just a nice JV when and if it comes around …

    I would love to add commence layer to this blog directly or a sub domain or maybe even an auto social life/topic stream on targeted topics with a combination of something like disqus comment system …
    I develop as much as i sell so i am always on both sides of the fence and very much involved with all bleeding edge tech.strategies & especially open source api mashups ,twitter,facebook ,etc.. integrations and overall new media dev./marketing/syndication ..

    wait, Jay, are you with TopTen …… ?
    i just realized i know you somehow industry wise , no ?
    was actually going to talk to those guys and am about to do something with Ron Fisher over at wholesale Central/WebWholesaler Mag..

    in any case, Jason, we should chat as i cant disclose 99% of mutually beneficial info publicly but will say that a HUGE WAVE of change for B2B offprice/overstock/designer inspired & branded areas are are about to be hit with something Revolutionary that’s been in the worx for over 6 years now , starting with small business..

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