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Since starting this blog, I have had more questions about LCD TVs than anything else.

I’ve reviewed several suppliers, but I’m going to defer once again to They currently have over 323 auctions for LCD TVs. The lots range from $50 for 1 Magnavox 52″ HDTV to $3000 for 100 Sharp LCD displays.

They also have plasma tv auctions, but they’re not nearly as popular as LCD. At this moment, there are only 89 auctions for plasma tvs, but you can check them out here.

As always, do your homework before buying anything at any site I recommend. is a reputable site, but they also deal with other sources for wholesale products. Remember that you may not always be dealing directly with And also remember to research the products you’re buying. Are they refurbished, salvaged, returned, or brand new? Is there a warranty? Be tough with your questions. If the supplier doesn’t give you straight answers, or you just get a bad vibe, you’re better off walking away.

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