Let's Start a Wholesale Business

As a learning experience for everyone, I’ve decided to start a wholesale business, and I’m going to document the entire process throughout the next several posts.? I will take input from all of you and we’ll build a small but well-designed wholesale business.

I don’t know what kind of product(s) I might sell, and that will be the topic of the next post.? The main steps for starting this business will be as laid out below:

1. Choose a product to sell.
2. Find a source for that product. (Part of the decision-making process above.)
3. Pick a domain name that is relevant to the product.
4. Build the site to sell the product(s).
5. Choose a way to receive payments.
6. Determine pricing. Price from suppliers vs. desired profit margin.
7. Advertise and Market our products.
8. Collect the riches.
9. Serve the customers.

I’m sure there will be many items added to that list as this project progresses.? Hopefully, there will be many comments so this can become more of a community project than simply me starting yet another website.

If you’re interested in following along, I encourage you to subscribe to my RSS feed.? That way, you’ll get each step of the process automatically delivered to your reader.? If you read a lot of blogs and you don’t know what RSS is, I suggest you find a reader/aggregator that you like and start subscribing.? (Starting with the SellWholesale blog wouldn’t be such a bad thing.)

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  1. Update: I’m working on a book about How to Start a Wholesale Business. I’m not sure if it will ultimately be an ebook or a physical book. Either way, I hope it helps everyone out there that wants to know how to start a wholesale business. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below.

    Thank you,
    Jason Green

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