Magento Ecommerce and Google Website Optimizer

I have found the e-commerce platform that I’ll be using for the “start a wholesale business” project. I’ve always been a fan of osCommerce because they were the platform I used when I owned However, Magento eCommerce has a ton of absolutely awesome features!

1. Integration with Google Website Optimizer : This is the most fantastic feature I’ve ever seen in any CMS ever!? With the latest version of Magento, they have created a tab where you can very simply create a multivariate test for your landing pages. Google has a video of this on their blog if you need more explanation. This is the main reason I’m using Magento as my eCommerce platform.

2. Optimized for viewing on the iPhone.

3. Flexible Pricing : Coupons, free shipping, tax rates, etc…? All of this is highly configurable.

4. Automatic Cross-Selling : Yes, it will suggest similar products for your customers to buy.

5. Shipping to multiple addresses on one order.

6. Search Engine Friendly : Automatically creates a Google sitemap and a sitemap for users.? Allows URL rewrites. (ie.. category=electronics vs. category=12)? Auto-Generated popular search terms.

7. Integration with Paypal,, Google Checkout.? Also allows checks, credit cards, and money orders.

8. Batch import of product catalog: You have no idea how much time this will save.? Or, if you don’t believe me, go type the name, description, price, and shipping options for 1000 products. (Let me know how it goes.)

9. Multiple Images per Product : Handy if you want to show different angles of your products.

10. Integration with Google Analytics : As if I wasn’t excited enough about the Website Optimizer integration.? This will automatically configure Google Analytics to track your users’ activity across your site.

Overall, Magento eCommerce is light years ahead of what I used just a few years ago.? I’m very excited to get it up and running so I can write another review.? I hope I like it as much as I’m expecting to.

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