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After a long and difficult research process, I’ve gone full circle and decided to go back to selling sunglasses. I can’t give too many details just yet, but the plan is to sell wholesale sunglasses from our new website,

We still haven’t decided on the exact product line, but just about anything related to sunglasses is on the table. We’re looking into premium sunglass brands, replica sunglasses, and even importing sunglasses from other countries. As I mentioned above, we’ll be selling the sunglasses at wholesale, by the dozen. We may dabble in individual sales, but I think wholesale will be our primary business model.

We’re still in the business planning stage, setting up bank accounts, finding wholesale suppliers, getting partnership agreements in place, but we plan to officially launch by May 1st, 2009! If you’re interested in selling sunglasses in your shop, at flea markets, or at events, leave us a comment and we’ll be sure to contact you once everything is up and running.

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  1. Are you going to only sell replica sunglasses? I’m looking for a new supplier, but I need replicas and genuine sunglass brands.

    1. @pete

      We’re not 100% sure of the types of sunglasses we’re going to sell. I expect that we will carry replica sunglasses, but I would also like to carry some genuine brands, such as X-Loop, Choppers, and Locs brand sunglasses. If you’re interested, I’d love for our first customer to be a reader of the Sell Wholesale blog! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      – Jason Green

  2. Hey jason do you want to sell cellphones? I got wholesale blackberrys. G1s, Sonys. Get at me if your interested

    1. Kasie,

      That’s great that you’d like to sell our products. There are a few tasks for us to complete with the new site, but I will contact you as soon as we have all of the details worked out.

  3. Jason.. how long will it take you to complete your tasks with new site? I might be interested in selling renown brand sunglasses particularly Gucci, Christian Dior or Prada..

    1. @William,

      It’s taking much longer than expected. I thought it would be great to have all of the features offered by Magento, but I’m afraid it might be too much. With the ability to customize every bit of the site, we are almost better off building it from scratch. I will keep you updated as things move forward.

      We do have a great supplier if you would like to start selling sunglasses before we have the site completed. If interested, please let me know.

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