Salehoo December Special

Salehoo is running a special Christmas promotion through the end of December 2010.

Anyone who signs up for a SaleHoo membership between the 1st and the 31st of December will receive a brand new 5-part 2010 Webinar Series absolutely FREE.


These Webinars feature Marc Ransom (A SaleHoo Community Guru) and Alice Delore (Seller extraordinaire). They cover the latest advice and information on the following topics:

Scam Prevention

  • Where to find genuine suppliers through Google
  • A little-known ‘tip off’ that lets you know you’re dealing with a genuine supplier
  • The one thing you do with email that guarantees trouble

Importing From China

  • 3 steps to safe dealing
  • How to find out who you’re really dealing with
  • What to do when you’re sent fake or counterfeit products

The Secrets of Effective Online Product Sourcing

  • An easy 5-step method to get started
  • How to build relationships with suppliers
  • The inside secrets to finding the best suppliers
  • 2 of the most common and deadly misconceptions
  • One super-effective way to get past minimum order requirements

20 Top Secret eBay Tips

  • The one thing even more important than keywords
  • How to generate repeat business
  • One thing that will increase bids every time

Business setup for eBay and Online Retailers

  • Taxes
  • Do you need to register?
  • Useful resources

click below to check out Salehoo’s directory of over 8,000 legitimate wholesale suppliers:

If you need more convincing, or are the type of person that likes to do thorough research, you can also check out our review of before proceeding.

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