SellWholesale is Being Reborn

We’ve had an absolute ton of wordpress and database issues for a while now, and I’m not sure when we’ll have things running again. I’m writing this to let everyone know that we’re still working on it and will have everything restored as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support!

Jason Green

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  1. We’re back up!

    For anyone having similar issues, it seems related to our move from DirectoryPress back to “plain” Thesis. The posts were in the database, but were not showing on the site. Looking in phpmyadmin, we found that the post types were listed as “article_type”. I changed all of those back to “post” and voila, all of our posts are back! If you see how far back our archives go, you can begin to understand how excited I am to get these posts back.

    There are still some design issues we’re working through, but the meat of the site is here. Thank you again for your support while we work through this.

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