Webstore Chronicles

Over the past few months, a friend of mine has had a lot of questions about different ways to start a business online. More specifically, he wants to start a webstore of some kind.? He’s been looking at quite a few turn-key solutions.? Unfortunately, I don’t have experience with them yet.? Until I have time to do a proper review of these turnkey websites, has anyone else used them?

I have taken a brief look at each of these sites, but I don’t want to skew anyone’s opinion just yet. If you have experience with these websites, or even if you’re just looking at them now, please let us know what you think in the comments. Do you have any other suggestions for turn-key websites? He’s not into programming, so he’s looking for something that’s basically a flip of the switch.

Actually, after going through some of his emails, I’m thinking it would be best for him to use Doba.com for his dropshipping, and pair it with Magento eCommerce as his website platform. I think it might be a little more technical than what he’s looking for, but Doba.com offers a million products, and Magento is free. He could create different web stores based on each product category without any additional cost. That’s my opinion, what do you think?

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  1. Hi Jason,
    Stay away from Headwebmaster.com. Their ‘turn key’ website is only a template. Tools to build the website are supplied but are cumbersome and require HTML knowledge. The free support is worth what you pay for it.

  2. @Fran I totally agree. The templates at headwebmaster.com seem to be very outdated. I suspect these were created long ago and the site owners failed to update the styles and designs.

    @billige This site is based on the Thesis Theme from diythemes.com. Any customizations are my own doing.

  3. I want to be the first to say I have no problems with headwebmaster. Not only did they build me a wonderful site, all I did was sent my content in they did exacly what I wanted. They also gave me the Front Page program so that i could learn how to use html and edit my own website.
    Even when I had problems or anything i would call and speak with the administrator there cant member her name but she helped me more then once to edit my own website and the template to how I wanted it.

  4. I was on craigslist and I had seen an ad for free webdesign. I clicked and it looked too good to be true. I replied and i was greated with friendly words but I was still un sure. I looked up the number and it had came back to some hair salon??? The guy who claimed to be the instructor had no excuse for that, and when i searched his name I found nothing about the school. The only way I can find this site is if I type it in directly. Again, this is just my experience with this company. I did not go through with this!!!

  5. They are a student based design school, I had a great site built for me and it was custom made, not a template. I’ve seen some of the older sites they made and was turned off. But after about an hour of convincing me the owner there told me they no longer did templates and now i’m really happy I went with them. 🙂

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