What is Today-Liquidation.com?

A new site popped up on my radar this week, called Today-Liquidation.com. There are a lot of people wondering if they are legit or if they are a scam. Their site says they sell general products online “at wholesale prices”. [The remainder of this post has been rewritten after finding new information about this “company”.]

It appears they’re using scammy payment terms to steal your money. In my opinion, you should stay away from Today-Liquidation.com and stay away from the GreenDot MoneyPak. If you managed to pay via credit card, try to get a refund as soon as possible. If you used a GreenDot MoneyPak, beat up GreenDot until they return your money. Otherwise, see below for a link to their Better Business Bureau information. File complaints relentlessly until they listen.

If you’ve done business with this company or know anything about them, please let us know how it went. Has anyone received products from Today-Liquidation???

*** Update ***

Buyer Beware!
Based on the comments below, it looks like this might not be a company you want to buy from. One reason is that they only accept Green Dot Money Pak for payment. This is a very difficult payment type for the buyer (you) to get a refund from. Another, is that the contact information doesn’t seem to check out, and the links to their social media profiles simply point to the home pages of those sites. (Twitter, Facebook, etc…) Read some of the comments below and be sure to do some additional research if you still intend to purchase from them.

Check out our post about GreenDot MoneyPak for more information regarding the MoneyPak, including Better Business Bureau information.

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46 Replies to “What is Today-Liquidation.com?”

  1. This is a complete SCAM!!! They require Moneypak because it is difficult to trace. The website is registered out of the Bahamas. If it looks to good to be true, it is!

  2. It looks fraudulent to me. The prices are way too good to be legit. Lacks contact information or ability to get a shipping quote prior to check out. One example is a 56″ tool chest combo of upper and lower boxes for $500.00. There is no way this could be delivered by any method other then truck freight. I received an offer from them when I responded to their anonymous craigslist ad that offered free shipping. That’s equal to paying a consumer to take a product.

    1. @greg
      I suppose my next post should be about Moneypak. Also note that the site only appeared “on my radar” very recently. It could easily be run by anyone. I was just surprised to have 20 queries on this site referencing them. Perhaps it was them researching ME???

      I would have to check the details of the “free shipping” offer. They might exclude products over X lbs or some other stipulation.

      When it looks too good to be true, you should either walk away or do a lot more research. 🙂

      Ok, so let’s give them a “Buyer Beware” rating for now. If anyone knows otherwise, please tell us about your experience.

  3. Today-liquidation likely got me! I bought into the free shipping deal hook, line and sinker! Glad I went for the less expensive of the two generators they were offering. The order process was convoluted and I should have seen it coming. I think buyer-beware is likely an understatement! Wish I could say differently.

  4. Hello Jason,

    Thanks for the post. Yes, I believe it’s a scam as well. The website states you can pay with your credit card. You have to send them a copy of your DL, credit card only showing last 4 digits and a utility bill. The telephone # on their website doesn’t work. They are posting deals on Craigslist which is how I found them. I’ve emailed them 3 times with no response. So thankful I didn’t fall for it…. I hope this site gets shut down soon.


  5. I think this company is a scam!! Do not order anything from them as I have. I ordered a (too good to be true) 6 pc outdoor patio set by La-Z-Boy for $450 (free shipping!!). Yes, logos for Paypal and credit cards are listed, but I was always rerouted to using the Greendot Money Pak, which was new to me. Ordered the set on 4/20/11, and then got confirmation of them receiving my full payment on 4/21/11. I have not heard anything more from them since. I’ve called the number on the bottom (617-963-0158 – Boston area?) and always got the busy signal. I’ve tried to email their contact address (sales@today-liquidation.com) and it was rejected and sent back to me. I am sick that I could have fallen so stupidly. DON’T make the same mistake as I did.

    1. Tracy,

      I haven’t heard anything good about this company, but shipping large items can take a while. I wouldn’t base my entire opinion on the delivery time, but I would definitely not let it go for more than 30 days. If you don’t receive your products by then, you should work with your credit card company or bank to get the payment refunded.

  6. Thanks Jason.

    I am just incensed after having these problems and reading the other comments. I have my fingers crossed. The Greendot Money Pak does not offer cash refunds on the purchase of their cards. I’ve contacted them re. my concerns with this purchase. If I actually get this item, etc. I’ll post here.

  7. Thanks Tracy. I also added a quick post about the Money Pak. It seems the only people that benefit from its use are GreenDot themselves and anyone using them as a way to commit fraud. Good luck with your purchase. I truly hope we are proven wrong.

    @smith Wow! I’m glad you didn’t go through with it. I hope everyone knows by now that you never ever ever send that kind of information to an online merchant.

  8. WOW just reading this now makes me want to kick my behind real hard. I just purchased a sectional from them 04/29/11. Now I went back to check my order history and the website doesn’t even want to come up. I really hate falling for scams. I’m sure I won’t be seeing my sectional or my refund.

  9. I am feeling like a huge sucker right now. I am trying to purchase some of the patio furniture..and did the greendot money pak. i have recieved 2 emails saying that my payment was processed and they my order is processing…both of those came quickly on the 30th and the 1st.

    i am hoping that i didn’t ripped off.

  10. Anna / Fred, Sorry to hear that. If anyone actually receives their order or is able to get a refund on their MoneyPak payment, we’ll make sure to post it here.

    I was able to access their website just now, but one thing to note which can tip you off that a site is a scam, is that all of the social bookmark links simply point to the home pages. ie. Twitter and Facebook simply point directly to twitter.com and facebook.com rather than their profile on those sites. It’s subtle, but it’s a small sign that you might want to think twice before ordering.

  11. Yep it seems today liquidation was a scam. Found them on craigslist, and after the fact that greendot dosen’t off a refund. I should have read closer. Now the webgiste is gone, the stacey bears customer support name I have from a return e-mail no longer exists.
    the other a have is claudiacurtis@gmail.com that I’m sure is worthless also. I saved money for almost 2yrs to buy a descent tool box. I saw the one they were advertising for $500.00;
    2 yrs worth of saving gone in a instant, I feel like I should put a gun to my head, so that someone goes after them for the stress they have put me thourgh.
    Don’t they have anything better to do than steal other peoples money!!!!!!!!

    1. Eric,
      Sorry to hear that. It’s terrible to have that amount of money just disappear. However, on a serious note, even if you were just making a point, I have to say that no amount of money is worth the taking of a life. Your own or anyone else’s.
      I still hope we are wrong about this just being a scam, but with each comment, it looks worse and worse.

  12. Still no generator. I cannot believe they still have ads on Craigslist here in Maine. I sent a report to CL telling them this was a scam and no response at all. I also pursued this with GreenDot and got no where. They did establish a case file for me and contacted me, but after about the 3rd or 4th request from them for more supporting information, I decided enough of my personal information was out there for perusal already! I cannot believe they have no way to trace where this money is going. They keep telling me that the card is like making a wire transfer, but my feeble mind tells me that this money is going to an account somewhere that should be traceable. If all of us that did get scammed had Money Packs, it is likely they went to the same place. If you got scammed, send an email to GreenDot and call them to get a complaint lodged and maybe if enough of us do this they can figure it out. Wishful thinking I suppose, but maybe worth a try?

  13. After reading all the comments above I believe I had been scammed also. Found them also no craigslist purchased the Lauren Wells – Modesto Dining Set – $450 back on April 30th. I also was drawn in by the free shipping and the price. Great to know that my hard earned money was just pissed in the wind by some loser who has nothing better to do than scam people. Just great what this world has come to.

  14. I ordered the Lauren Wells -Modesto Dining set as well. I ordered on April 23rd. …still no dining set. I am pissed. I searched and searched for a site like this before I went through with it but found no negative feedback. I can not believe this. Can we contact our bank and argue fraud?? Is there any way for a refund???

  15. After reading all the comments just one more so you will know do not give them anymore money GreenDot or this scam. sounded good at first but like the rest I should have known better, I too found them on craigslist Still no generator. I have learned one thing I will never use GreenDot again ever, I’m like the others cannot believe they have no way to trace where this money is going. Good luck but I’m afraid nothing good is going to come from this.

  16. I’ve done some research but it looks like this company’s web origin is somewhere in the Bahamas, who’s to say that is even a real location. I’ve also done some background check to the phone number & what it brings me back to is Home Depot in Massachusetts. Unfortunately I never got my sectional nor any further emails from them. I hope this all teaches us a valuable lesson. That if it sounds to good to be true, in many case it’s because it is. I was trying to avoid sales people following me around furniture stores while I browse their store. At this point, I wouldn’t mind having them buzz in my ear.

  17. I am so thankful I did not get caught up in this. I am by nature skeptical. I too found them via craigslist on Monday-emailed asking location, contact info, etc. Received a reply Wednesday with only a link to new-liquidation.com (same “company”) but they did not answer any questions. I did not click link in email, but tried to copy & paste with no luck. I could only access using link in email. I tried to call number listed-it was disconnected. I emailed again asking for more info but so far nothing. Checked BBB but of course not accredited. The dead giveaway is that yesterday the swingset I was looking for was $950.00 (already less than half price) and today it is $650.00!!!! All I can say is TRUST YOUR GUT! There is a reason those old sayings are still around IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE-IT IS!!!!!

  18. Talked with Green dot and they acknowledged that there was an individual whose name was on the account the money went to for my generator. Insisted I send a fax over with the card face and the receipt copy so they could “process” my complaint. thye called me to follow up and all they really had to tell me is that there is no money in this person’s account – as Gomer Pyle said long ago – “Surprise, surprise, surprise!” Then they proceeded to read me the back of the card and how it warns you not to use this card in the way it was used by me. I was already burned and I know what it says – now! However, of course, they will not give me any information. They said if I get a subpoena order they will do something but short of that I am SOL. I tried the local police, but they said because it went across state lines and the internet that it is out of their jurisdiction. I have filed complaints with several federal agencies with no response. I suppose this person, whoever they are, knows that this amount of money is too small for anyone in law enforcement to worry with. Perhaps if anyone knows what agency can and will follow up with this they could let us know. Maybe if we had someone to assemble all the scammed totals together and submit them as a loss we could get something done. From the sound of this thread, there are a lot of us and it involves thousands of dollars. If anyone has any suggestions, lay them out for us.

  19. I would like to add New-liquidation.com to this as well. I came across an ad on CL for a $2500 playset for $700. I figured this is way to good to be true but also too good to pass on. I emailed them if I can purchase this and pick up in person. They replied with a free shipping coupon and the website. I read thru the payments on the site and found that they only accept Green dot money paks due to a high charge back risk–gee I wonder why any reasonable business would have so many unhappy customers to worry about. The green dot wanted my bills and license– what real business that actually wanted to sell something would make buying something online so hard to use a CC. I did not buy anything but I just want to warn others that may think this is legit cuz it kind of does and there is nothing online that shows it as a scam- In short STAY AWAY FROM NEW-LIQUIDATION.COM

  20. Think I got GOT !!!BAD ….. IT HAPPENED SO QUICK !! i was looking on CL for a patio set and this came up , I went to the site and it all looked legit and couldnt find any thing about them on line . But my gut was telling me legit companies don’t restrict the form of payment like they did . !! But I fell for it and went and got a money pak and completed the order !! ughhh Now I just found all this info and called Money pak for a refund but the money is GONE ! They told me to file a police report and have them suppeana their records and they would help to get money back ??? But according to the rest of you ,it doesn’t sound likely !! : (

  21. Everyone needs to go to the better bussiness bureau and file a complaint. I did and they are investigating it!

    1. I totally agree. These companies are able to scam so many people because most of us are too lazy to file a complaint. They have no incentive to change their ways unless we all file complaints to get the BBB to step in.

      If you’ve been burned, take the time to file a complaint, and keep with it until it’s resolved.

      You might not get your money back, but let’s help out everyone else. If we don’t look out for each other, we’ll just keep on being scammed.

  22. I’ve been scammed too, by new-liquidation.com. I feel really stupid.

    I want to report that new-liquidation.com is now down as well. However, a new clone (and I do mean CLONE) has taken its place — furnitureclearancestock.com. Unlike the others, WHOIS does list an individual’s name, address, and phone number — the guy is apparently in Oregon. I won’t mention it here because I worry that some poor soul has been impersonated, but you can call this bloke directly if you want. I reported all this to the FBI, but I’m not holding my breath for Uncle Sam. Looks like we’re going to have take some initiative to crack this case.

  23. I’d recommend everyone go on whois and look up furnitureclearancestock.com — you’ll find the alleged owner of this site and presumably today-liquidation and new-liquidation along with his phone number and address. I would recommend you call the guy. I got his voicemail but it was a personalized greeting, not machine-generated. Either someone used his name to register the domain fraudulently or he’s our scammer.

  24. I think this is the same company also working under the domain name, http://www.Buy-Liquidation.com. I almost bought an awesome swinset from them for our grandson for only $699 with free shipping. The only payment option was the GreenDot MOndyPak. I started thinking that was weird, I’d never even heard of it, and I own an online company myself. I emailed them requesting to use a credit card, as it suggested–I figured I could always do a charge-back if my playset didn’t arrive. So far I haven’t heard back from them. I did the Whois thing, it looks like they’re in the Bahamas, so I’m sure it’s the same scam-artist. And yes, it was a response from an ad I had answered a while ago regarding a shed advertised on Craigslist. I thought it was a used shed as to why it was so cheap. Well, I’m thankful I didn’t send them any money before investigating. Too bad for companies such as our own that are legitimate. Companies like this make us all look bad. PEOPLE PLEASE REMEMBER–First of all, if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is. Second, always use a credit card, PayPal, etc., that can be traced and refunded if you do not receive your ordered item.

  25. I also lost money ($500 for a tool chest) with these scum on new-liquidation.com. They shut down that site and moved to hot-liquidation.com. I contacted the hosting company about the fraudulent domain they were hosting and, they turned the site off within a couple of days.

    They are now operating from 2 sites (that I know of). The 1st site is http://www.clearancesuperstore.com. The 2nd site is http://www.cheap-liquidation.com. I am communicating with the hosting service for these two sites now to shut them down and find the real owner or bill payer of these sites.

    I think the real problem is with craigslist. The odd thing is craigslist prohibits overposting, but this outfit has managed to post their ads all over the country. After the AD has run it’s course the web site will be taken down. You’ll see this ad run again all over the country on craigslist.

    What can we do to bring pressure on craigslist to permanently ban these ads (tools, furniture, playground sets, and sports equipment). That will go a long way in slowing down traffic to the shortlived websites.

  26. All the posting above seems just like the company “buy-liquidation.com”. The deal on the shed seems too good (1/6 of the normal selling price). I wasn’t about to place an order until I could search for them. They claim free shipping and installation. Funny thing: the manufacturer claims that it will take 2 people 8 hours to assemble. Can you just imagine a delivery person putting that together over a full day? Their website claims to be out of Washington. From the messages above, it seems they run out of New England, more likely the Boston area. I’m very happy to have found your site to warn people about these scammers.

  27. http://www.buy-liquidation.com is a FRAUD as well. Found the ad on craigslist then they sent me the link to their site (they responded at 1:30 AM CST) which was red flag number one. 2. Registered in Bahamas with privacy block, 3. claim to ship from Washington, 4. allows 30 day returns but has no address to return to, 5. only accepts GreenDot MoneyPak, 6. I called their number and got a generic voicemail, 7. Social Links go nowhere. 8. buy-liquidation.com was only registered 1 month ago, 9. I checked the source code, the template from their site was bought from this french template site here (they may have a cc of the person who bought the template from them):

    http://www.art-typo.com |
    | http://www.webgraphiste.com |
    | http://www.fashionconception.com |
    | http://www.e.kreasite.fr |
    | 06 80 56 35 41

    Here’s the who is info:
    Registration Service Provided By: Web-Leader.net
    Contact: support@web-leader.net

    Domain buy-liquidation.com

    Date Registered: 2011-6-8
    Date Modified: 2011-6-8
    Expiry Date: 2012-6-8

    DNS1: ns1.web-leader.net
    DNS2: ns2.web-leader.net
    DNS3: ns3.web-leader.net
    Administrative Contact
    Private Whois Service
    Private Whois Service o9xqqo54def444ce34d4@oqjij874d9300d54bd95.privatewhois.net
    ****Contact the owner by email only****
    c/o buy-liquidation.com
    N4892 Nassau
    Tel: +852.81720004

  28. dob,
    How does one determine the hosting company of these scam web sites?
    As one who got burned by this outfit I keep an eye out for them and flag the ads on Craigs and also complain to Craigs.., to no avail.
    Another way to get action on these scammers is to file a complaint here,

  29. I got taken by Buy-Liquidation.com. Ordered a sectional and the website (and my money) disappeared Monday morning. Have been filing complaints and talking with Green Dot all week to no avail. I think it’s safe to assume that all of these “-Liquidation” companies are the same entity. I am VERY interested in pursuing this scum and participating in any way possible to pressure Green Dot into giving up information about the recipient’s account. Class-action anyone? Please feel free to contact me at mattcoby@hotmail.com

  30. Hey Matt-
    I looked up our guy on WHOIS as you recommended and with just a little googling verified that the address and number are legit and that there is a lot of info avail about this man’s wife online. Will you please contact me? I have several lawyer friends and would like to go ahead and file a lawsuit against this guy if I can only connect the dots between furnitureclearancestock.com and buy-liquidation.com. If it turns out his name has been used falsely, then I’ll apologize and it won’t really cost me that much. But if this is the guy, I don’t want to give him any more time to cover his tracks, plus I’d love to subpoena Green Dot.

    **Does anyone have printouts/PDFs of their order confirmations or any other documentation? It seems like a good idea if all of us who lost money to this slimeball could organize our cases together to present to law enforcement and/or legal counsel. My email address is above

  31. I ordered from buy-liquidation, and used Green Dot Money Pak. Now the site is “forbidden by server” and I cannot get any email or phone response. I wish to be added to any class action suit. I have lost $610 to them. Also, if anyone has success with Green Dot, please advise. Thanks

  32. They are back with a different website big-discounts.net … This is a scam !! I luckily got saved after visiting this page .I was very close in ordering. Stay away

  33. Oh yea a complete scam, Big-Discounts.net is listing on Galveston craigslist still 8-11-11 FBI has been notified, and Moneypak to no avail yet.

  34. I wished I saw this page beforehand.
    I also got scammed for $450 and have filed complaint with BBB OHIO , http://www.scambook.com and http://www.ic3.gov.Planning on filing complaint with Police and Attorney General’s office. It is amazing to me the way they are working…I could connect the dots between http://www.big-discounts.net,www.smart-liquidation.com and http://www.halfoffmart.com.
    There are so many of us reporting it through different websites and being taken by these websites. I wonder if we could all get together and file a complaint together for them to work on it faster?
    Also, I talked to MoneyPak and there response is they cannot open the file on my MoneyPak till they hear from Police or BBB.

  35. I have found an attorney who is enthusiastic about filing a class-action suit against Green Dot and believed there is a legitimate case. We only need 11 people in order to make it a class-action. Please contact me directly if you are interested and I will forward all necessary info to you.


  36. Now they have e-liquidation.net, SCAM….so glad I ran across this chat room warning me of the scam. I was so close to buying, but bad phone numbers, email responses slow, green dot, had me doing some research.

    beware, its getting harder and harder to spot these scams

  37. I too found a 14′ X 31′ shed on Craig’s list in Sacramento, Ca for $610.00. I inquired about it and got a message from Lovelace Hanna, sales Representative, sales@e-liquidation.net telling me I could see it at http://www.e-liquidation.net with free shipping and installation. After thinking about it for a week or two I was ready to make a purchase. I had to google the site and that is when I found all of this. I feel bad for all who lost money to this garbage and I thank you for saving me.

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