Wholesale Halloween Candy

A friend of mine is having a Halloween party and said she had to buy a ton of candy. I figured I’d take a look around to see if there were any good sources of wholesale candy online.

I started by searching for “wholesale halloween candy” but was quickly disappointed. It looks like there are many “wholesale” candy distributors, but they all had 2 problems.

1. Their websites are terrible. Coming from a web development background, that’s the first thing I see when I visit a site.? I realize that might not have anything to do with how good their business is, but it’s my first impression and so far it’s all been bad.

2. The prices really aren’t that great.? One site had 48 Snickers bars for $41.? That’s barely below retail, if at all.? You can go to any grocery store and buy regular candy bars for a dollar.? After you add shipping, the deal gets even worse.

I was surprised to find that Amazon.com had a listing for 48 Snickers bars for $28.80.? The shipping is $7.50, but we’re still well below $1 per bar.? It was an Amazon storefront run by “TheOnlineCandyShop”.

It appears that a quick search on Amazon can find just about any candy you’re looking for, at wholesale prices.? I’d love to say I knew of a small business website that could provide good prices for wholesale halloween candy, but so far, I’d say go to Amazon and search there.? Fortunately, most of the products you find are offered by individuals or small businesses with storefronts on Amazon.

I was hoping to save this post for October, but I hope it helps for those of you who are stocking up on Halloween candy.? If you know of a better source for wholesale candy, please let us know in the comments.? I’d be happy to give them a link.

Happy Halloween!

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