Wholesale Halloween Costumes

With halloween right around the corner, many merchants need to restock their halloween costume inventory.? Unfortunately, it might be a little late for this post.? Halloween is less than a month away, and any wholesale orders probably won’t be fulfilled for a few weeks.? Unless you have a retail location and you’re running out of costumes, you may want to bookmark this post to get ready for next year.

I found a list of halloween costume suppliers at GlobalSources.com.? The two main suppliers seem to be HuaMin and Leadtex Clothing.? In total, there are just over 100 halloween costume items available for sale.? There’s a good mix of full costumes, small masks, and latex masks.? You won’t find the “brand-name” costumes, but there is a nice selection of generic costumes and masks available.? If you’re looking to get started selling halloween costumes, this may be a good place to start.

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