Why SellWholesale.com?

I’m starting this blog because there’s so much deceptive and garbage information about how to buy and sell wholesale merchandise, that it’s the best I can do to help the wholesale community.

I got my start in wholesale distribution in 2002 when I thought $55 was a great deal for a dozen pairs of sunglasses. When I got the sunglasses, I noticed the brand name on the box.? After a couple of searches, I found the main distributor’s website. I contacted them with the idea that I could help distribute their sunglasses if they could give me a better price. We settled on a price per dozen around $20. I marked the “compare to” sunglasses up to around $30 per dozen and the main distributor would dropship for me in unmarked boxes. This is how SellSunglasses.com was born, and how I got my start in the world of wholesale. (*Note: SellSunglasses.com is no longer in business because of reasons that will be revealed in a future post.)

My goal for this blog is to provide honest and accurate information on how a person with average means (both money and knowledge) can get started selling wholesale products. I will only promote products, programs, or services that I honestly think will help my readers. I will not promote anything solely because it’s profitable for me to do so. Wholesale services that sell empty lists and memberships of no real value do not belong here. All I can ask is that if I do promote an affiliate offering that you find useful, you make sure to use the affiliate link so I get a little credit and can afford to keep this blog going. This will always be a website that is run with integrity. If I promote a service, it’s because it offers something unique and I believe you can benefit by using it.

Well that’s it. Stay tuned for more informative posts about buying and selling wholesale products. Hopefully, the SellWholesale.com blog can help you sift through the sea of wholesale scams to find a few gems that result in your profiting from the web.

Best of luck,

Jason Green

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