Cash Making Power Sites – Pre-Review

I came across the opportunity in my daily research for business opportunities to present to my readers. Honestly, I’m hesitating to purchase this system for review because I want to do some more research. I’ve read a few reviews that say it’s a great opportunity, and others that say it’s a scam. That’s why I’d like to hear from you to get your opinion. If you have used the CashMakingPowerSites system, I’d love to hear what you think of it. If not, take a look at their landing page and give us your first impression. Is a scam, or is it a great business opportunity?

I’d like you to visit their site directly to get your first impression, but here’s the high-level overview of their offer:

  • You get 5 turnkey websites that they have optimized to drive action from your visitors.
  • You basically need to do nothing except market these 5 sites.
  • They are affiliate websites where your goal is to direct visitors to a final purchase page via your ClickBank affiliate ID. (Which is free.)

The websites are:

  • – Has to do with Real Estate and possibly Buying Foreclosed Homes.
  • – Secrets to advertising. (Get $10,000 in Ads for 1% of what everyone else pays.)
  • – A Cure for Diabetes?
  • – A Cure for Cancer? (Probably an herbal remedy or lifestyle change, but I’m curious.)
  • – Secret to a healthy, strong, and powerful heart.

So take a look at their sales pitch and let us know what you think. If the reviews aren’t all negative, I’ll purchase the system and do a more thorough investigation.

Click here to visit Review – Video Followup has received a less than warm welcome from the readers of our wholesale blog, according the comments in our previous review of Nonetheless, I’m still on the search for someone that has had a fantastic experience with them.

I’d like everyone to check out this video and let us know what you think. The video portrays as a great source of wholesale HDTVs. One guy bought 6 LCD TVs for $1300 and expects to resell them for $1800 each. Is this possible with the prices and selection at I would love to hear from someone that has visited one of their warehouses. As always, I’m trying to give a fair review. However, all of the comments on our previous review told of horrible experiences or average experiences where the customer was able to break even. I have yet to hear a real success story, but I am optimistic. I can’t believe that a publicly traded company (Liquidity Services – LQDT) can be as terrible as everyone is saying and still be in business. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Liquidity Services Inc has a B+ rating and they are BBB accredited. It looks like they have about 100 complaints per year, but most of those get resolved. If you’ve been burned by, you may have some success if you file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Here’s a link to’s BBB report. They show lots of customers leaving happily with their fully functional merchandise. Does this video accurately portray your experience with

If interested, is having a huge open box HDTV sale. Review is a wholesale service that concentrates on dropshipping. Their main focus is on making it extremely easy to sell their products. Obviously this isn’t purely for your benefit. If you sell more products, they also make more money. You pay a monthly fee of $49.95 or $59.95 depending on the features you want. In return, you get access to 1.2 million products that their suppliers will dropship on your behalf.

From the website…

Doba provides a place where suppliers can list their product inventory, and you can find items to sell. These different suppliers will drop ship products right to your customers, so you never have to handle or ship products. If you’re a retailer looking for products to sell we have a service package that will work for you.


Push to Marketplace Tool: has an integration with Ebay that allows you to post an item for sale in just 3 steps.? This is one of the ways they make it so easy to sell their products.

Custom Product Exports: You can export a custom list of products that contain titles, descriptions, MSRP’s, and images to be imported into your eCommerce website.? *Note, this feature is only available at the $59.95 per month level.

eBay and eCommerce Training: Tips, tricks, and strategies for selling on eBay by Steve Lindhorst.? They’ll also teach you the basics of setting up your own eCommerce website.

Advanced eBay and eCommerce Training: This gets into the finer details of running an online business.? Topics such as marketing, revenue analytics, selling bundles, and customer retention.?? *Note, this feature is only available at the $59.95 per month level.

I’ll say that their prices aren’t incredibly low.? However, the fact that they take care of most administrative tasks more than makes up for it.? Calculate all of the time you would spend buying an item, storing, packing, and shipping it before sending it to your customer, and you will truly value this drop shipping service.? As long as you can make a few dollars on each sale, you should be able to have such an automated system that you can sell much more than you could by manually processing all of your orders.

They also carry brand name wholesale merchandise.? Brands such as Dell, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Skechers, DKNY, JVC, Kenneth Cole, Disney, Kenwood, KitchenAid all have products available for drop ship from the site.

Upon signing up for the free 7-day trial, I received an email with a link to a 45-minute webinar titled, “Picking Products That Sell”.? Hopefully it will help with my “starting a wholesale business” project.

Why should you sign up for an account?

Automation.? That pretty much sums it up.? They’ve gone to great lengths to make it easy for you to sell their products.? A couple clicks and you have an eBay listing configured.? You don’t have to worry about inventory, shipping, or returns.? And, depending on your business model, you really don’t have to pay for anything until you’ve already made a sale.

You’ll need to be fairly active to justify the monthly fee, but I encourage you to sign up for a free 7-day trial account, if for nothing but to compare their prices. Review Redux

Originally, I thought was a site very similar to where you could buy products directly on their site. However, my original review was based mostly on their sales page. This was before I had much time to do a full review of Salehoo. I apologize for this, and hope to clear some things up with this post. (Here’s the first review of

Q. Can you buy anything directly from the SaleHoo website?
A. No. They are basically a directory of wholesale suppliers. You search for a product and a list of suppliers that carries that product is displayed. If you click one of those listings, you’re taking to a “company detail” page that lists the supplier’s name and business information. They also have member reviews listed on this page.

Q. Are the member reviews useful?
A. There are a few good reviews scattered around, but for the most part, each supplier has 1 comment stating that the company does what they say they do. There are a few useful user submitted comments, but this wouldn’t be my main selling point.

Q. Is the member forum useful?
A. Yes. Very. This may be one of the best reasons for signing up for SaleHoo. They have topics covering everything from how to get started, to commenting on bad experiences. The forum has over 50,000 members and 30,000 articles. Access to this forum is worth the selling price.

Q. What is the Research Labs?
A. This is a great new addition to SaleHoo, because it helps take some of the guesswork out of choosing a product to sell. Just enter a keyword and the research labs will give you a plethora of great information about that keyword/product. The information is geard toward selling on ebay, and they give you information such as Average Sale Price, Sell-Through Rate, Best day to end your auction, most common auction duration, and a rating of how much competition you’ll face. This tool is a great start for any of your product research.

They also have a Learning and Training Center with articles about setting up your business, watching out for scams, selling on Ebay, and how to import products internationally.

So is a bit different than I first expected, but it turns out that it’s an excellent resource for finding and researching wholesale suppliers. They have some excellent tools which actually makes them much more than just a directory. For the relatively small fee, you do get a good list of wholesale sources, and access to a member forum that’s very useful. I think Salehoo is one of the best ways to get your wholesale business off to a quick start.

>>> Click here for access to SaleHoo <<<

Review of

I think I’ve found a very good wholesale source for many of you readers! is similar to or GlobalSources in that they list many other wholesale sources. However, is built on a community of users that comment on and review all of the wholesalers. Actually, the moderators at even secretly purchase from the suppliers so they can write their own reviews. **Update: Information added about the SaleHoo Research Labs below. This is a new feature that you’re going to love!

1. What is is a members-only directory of wholesale sources. They have thousands of wholesalers, drop shippers, liquidation companies, and manufacturers that you can purchase from directly.

2. Member’s Forum
A great feature of being a SaleHoo member is that you can ask the community for advice before you make a purchase from any of the suppliers. You can ask questions about suppliers, products, or even the quality of products coming from various countries. With this safety net, you can be more confident that you won’t get scammed or ripped off. And as always, if you have any other questions, you could always leave it in the comments here. I love to help out other small business owners. (And those hoping to get into online business.)

Update: What is the Research Labs?
The Research Labs section is a great new addition to SaleHoo, because it helps take some of the guesswork out of choosing a product to sell. You can enter a keyword and the research labs will give you a ton of great information about that product. The information is geard toward selling on ebay, and they give you information such as Average Sale Price, Sell-Through Rate, Best day to end your auction, most common auction duration, and a rating of how much competition you’ll face. They also have charts where you can compare sales numbers of different products against each other. This tool is a great start for any of your product research.

I’d like to include more information in this review of, but they have a sales page that really lays it out for you. After you’ve skimmed the sales page and testimonials, I highly recommend the 3-minute tour. They have blue links every so often on their sales page. Just click one of those to review the highlights of the site.

(In case you missed the links, click here to check out Review

Today, we’ll review the wholesale source, We get the information you need to make an informed decision. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please leave a comment.

What is is an auction site that specializes in wholesale merchandise. Unlike, who is a directory of other suppliers, carries everything from jewelry to computers to tools to industrial ovens. Don’t expect to buy 1 item here unless of course it’s an industrial oven or a truck. (Yes, they also have wholesale lots of cars and trucks.) Most lots consist of 50 to 100 pieces. The site is very active and always seems to have an abundance of merchandise to choose from. Their stock ticker is LQDT for all you financial analysts out there.

What kinds of products are they offering and how do the prices compare?

They offer new, used, returned, refurbished, and salvaged merchandise. Most have the disclaimer that all sales are as-is. Meaning, those 20 lcd monitors you just bought for $100 might not actually work. It’s up to you to check out the products before placing your bid. This is my official warning for you to read the fine print and do a reality check before placing any bids. There is a nice selection of merchandise on this site, but you still need to watch out for the duds.

Do they have name brand merchandise?

Yes. A quick scan shows that they carry products from Dell, Apple, HP, Compaq, Samsung, and a slew of other name brands. (Sorry, that was my techie side showing. You’ll also see brands like: Coach, Kenneth Cole, Movado, and Rocawear.)

Do they have the products that are in demand?

Yes, the products you’ll find there are the types of products that are in demand. Web cams, LCD TVs, purses, jewelry, and consumer electronics are all found at Their most popular category is consumer electronics with jewelry and watches coming in a close second. The electronics products generally aren’t the latest models, but you’ll see that the prices take that into account.

How are their prices?? Is there room for markup?

This is an auction site, so the products go for the price you bid. Popular products may get bid up to fairly high amounts, but if you do your research before bidding, you should be able to set a budget and stick to it. $100 for 10 digital cameras might be a great deal, but $1200 not so much. There are tons of great deals to be found on this site, but again you need to watch out for the duds. *See the comments…

How is the shipping? has warehouses all over the United States so you should be able to find items at a location near you. This will help immensely when shipping large wholesale lots. This is another area that can catch you off guard. For large and cheap items, the shipping could exceed the amount paid for the product itself. They have links on the auction pages so you can get shipping quotes or ask questions before placing your bid. DO THIS! Those monitors won’t be a great deal if you have to pay $1000 for shipping.

How is their customer service?

I was surprised to find actual email addresses available on their contact page. You can easily email or call their support or service departments with any questions. They also give the phone number to their headquarters which you can call from 9AM to 6PM Eastern time.

Summary of

I think is an excellent place to get started with wholesale merchandise. You can easily browse the products and prices without having to commit to anything. With the power of the Internet, you can find a product on, open Google in a new window and search for the current price. I also recommend searching Ebay for the product to determine the going price and scope out your competition. If the market is flooded with $2 auctions for your product, just look for another product.

Registration is free and allows you to ask your questions to the sellers.? Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions.? Once you win an auction, you’re responsible for what you bought.? Whether you just want to get started selling wholesale products or you just want to sell a few things on Ebay, I think is a great place to test the waters. Click here to register for a free account.

Disclosure: I have an affiliate account with If you sign up for an account through a link on I might receive some compensation.

For another source of wholesale products, please check out our review of

Review of is basically a directory of wholesale suppliers and products. You are also able to use their “Wholesale Power Search” feature to search the site for specific wholesale products. For a fee, you can list your items in their directory, currently $299 for 6 months. Overall, this is a good place to start if you’re trying to find your place in the wholesale market. Also, if you’ve ever searched for the term “wholesale” you’ve probably seen their site before.

When I started selling wholesale merchandise, WholesaleCentral was a great resource for me. The directory is clearly laid out, and the Wholesale Power Search actually returns mostly relevant results. It was good for researching potential products to sell. You can easily zip through and compare several wholesale sources before deciding who has the best price and terms.

Once you have a supplier, be it from WholesaleCentral or another source, you probably want to start selling those items to make some money. Once you’re ready to go, you can sign up to sell your items on their site. If you have an acceptable profit margin, and can actually make a few sales per month, the $299 fee really isn’t that bad. Over 6 months, it’s only $50/mo. If you’re not making $50 per month in sales, you need to rethink your offering, or ramp up your marketing and advertising.

This isn’t a paid ad of any kind. It’s an honest review of When I used their services in the past, I truly got results. The additional sales I received because of my listing with them paid for the fee many times over. I encourage you to do your own due diligence, but officially endorses

"How to Run a Wholesale Business at a Profit" – Book Review

Wholesale Book Cover
Wholesale Book Cover

I recently found “How to Run a Wholesale Business at a Profit : Plans and Methods for Cutting Down Expenses and Increasing Sales–Helpful, Comparative Cost-Of-Doing-Business Figures Based on a National Investigation Made by the Bureau of Business Standards” on Google Books.? You may find the information a little dated, being that the book was published 90 years ago (1918).? However, there are still plenty of principles that can be put to use today.

First, here are the technical details of the book:
By: A.W. Shaw Company
Published: 1918 by the A.W. Shaw Company
222 Pages


Part 1: Selling Methods That Have Beaten Rising Costs

  • Chapter 1: How Fast Are Wholesalers’ Costs Rising?
  • Chapter 2: The First Step in Overcoming Rising Costs
  • Chapter 3: Is There a One Best Way to Pay Salesmen?
  • Chapter 4: Fixing Profitable Sales Quotas That Stimulate
  • Chapter 5: Getting the Sales Force Ready to Go “Over The Top”
  • Chapter 6: How to Advertise to Win
  • Chapter 7: Direct Advertising That Hits Its Mark

Part 2: Keeping Overhead Expenses Down

  • Chapter 8: Plugging Little Leaks May Save Big Losses
  • Chapter 9: Cutting Down on Wasted Labor
  • Chapter 10: Ways to Speed Up the Shipping Room
  • Chapter 11: Saving Money in Handling Stock
  • Chapter 12: How Better Buildings Lower Costs
  • Chapter 13: What Should Heat, Light, Power, Insurance, and Taxes Cost?

Part 3: Can Profits be Maintained Despite Higher Costs

  • Chapter 14: Can Bad Debts Be Made “Good”?
  • Chapter 15: What About Local Deliveries?
  • Chapter 16: Equipment That Helps Pay Dividends
  • Chapter 17: Making Your Dollars Work Faster

Part 4: Actual Cost Figures That Will Help You Win Out

And of course, the Index.

This book is great for a historical look on the wholesale industry.? At its core, the book is full of principles that will help you run and optimize any business.? If you’re new to wholesale, or business in general, or if you’re tired of reading hype-filled “start your own business now!!!” books, this is a refreshing look at how our ancestors did business nearly one hundred years ago.? If you want to do the math, any dollar figures in the book can be multiplied by about 16 to represent 2008 dollars.

For those that missed it at the top, here’s another link to Google Books where I discovered this unique look at wholesale businesses of the past.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

– Jason Green