Wholesale LCD TV Prices Falling

A warning to anyone preparing to get into the wholesale TV business. The New York Times has an article stating that wholesale TV prices are getting ready for a big drop. Companies have excess inventory and need to make room for new models.
What does this mean for you?
Basically, be very careful if you’re getting ready to buy a lot of LCD TVs. You might get a great price that will turn out to be very high by the time you’re ready to resell them.
They’re also reporting a lower-than-expected demand for LCD TVs. That means, if you have a bunch of TVs that you just bought at too-high-a-price, you’ll probably have trouble moving them. 1. You’ll have to price them higher than your competition because you didn’t wait for the price drop. And 2. Nobody’s buying them anyway. (Not “nobody” but you get the picture. High prices and low demand generally doesn’t work out in the wholesaler’s favor.)

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