What is Today-Liquidation.com?

A new site popped up on my radar this week, called Today-Liquidation.com. There are a lot of people wondering if they are legit or if they are a scam. Their site says they sell general products online “at wholesale prices”. [The remainder of this post has been rewritten after finding new information about this “company”.]

It appears they’re using scammy payment terms to steal your money. In my opinion, you should stay away from Today-Liquidation.com and stay away from the GreenDot MoneyPak. If you managed to pay via credit card, try to get a refund as soon as possible. If you used a GreenDot MoneyPak, beat up GreenDot until they return your money. Otherwise, see below for a link to their Better Business Bureau information. File complaints relentlessly until they listen.

If you’ve done business with this company or know anything about them, please let us know how it went. Has anyone received products from Today-Liquidation???

*** Update ***

Buyer Beware!
Based on the comments below, it looks like this might not be a company you want to buy from. One reason is that they only accept Green Dot Money Pak for payment. This is a very difficult payment type for the buyer (you) to get a refund from. Another, is that the contact information doesn’t seem to check out, and the links to their social media profiles simply point to the home pages of those sites. (Twitter, Facebook, etc…) Read some of the comments below and be sure to do some additional research if you still intend to purchase from them.

Check out our post about GreenDot MoneyPak for more information regarding the MoneyPak, including Better Business Bureau information.

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Best Wholesale Products to Sell Online

I’m often asked, “What are the best wholesale products to sell online?” When selling online, there are several important factors to consider. First, we’ll go through my top considerations when choosing a product to sell online. Then we’ll look at a few products that meet the recommended criteria.

1. Shipping

Shipping is possibly one of the most important things to consider when selling online.
First, I look for small items to keep the shipping costs to a minimum. If your plan is to sell wholesale furniture online, you might be in trouble here. Your shipping costs could easily be higher than the product you’re selling.
I also want a fairly durable product to minimize breakage during shipping. Nobody wants to deal with returns, so let’s choose a product with a very low likelihood of being broken during shipping.

2. Style Agnostic

If you are dropshipping, or just don’t want the hassle of picking and choosing specific styles out of your inventory, choose a product that either doesn’t come in many different styles, or one where there are many styles and random variety is an accepted practice.

3. Minimum Complexity

We want our product to have low complexity for 2 reasons. First, to reduce products that arrive DOA (Dead On Arrival). This also goes back to our points in “shipping”, but bears repeating. Most customers expect their product to work when it arrives. Having a complex product increases the likelihood of something going wrong, resulting in a dissatisfied customer.

Second, we want minimum complexity because customers can get confused. They might not understand all of the features from the description on your site, and without a live person to walk them through the sales process, they might buy something based on a incomplete understanding of the product. When the product arrives, they’ll be dissatisfied and they’ll want their money back, at your expense.

4. High Profit Margins

This might seem obvious, and is generally a goal with any product being sold. However, when selling online, I like to have some extra padding to cover shipping on returns and exchanges. Ideally, I’m aiming for profit margins over 100%. This allows me to sell a product and even offer an exchange or replacement, and still make a profit.

5. Popular Product but Not a Saturated Market

There is a balance to be found here, because we’re looking for a product that many people want to buy, but not one that everyone with a website is selling. This is where it pays to get into a specific niche. There are many people who have found very obscure but in-demand products to sell, who are making great money.

6. Knowledge

It helps if you personally have some knowledge about the product you’re selling. This is both because it will be reflected in the product descriptions on your site, but also in the event that someone actually calls you. (yes, even with an online business, phone calls are made on occassion)

7. Price

This can vary tremendously, but for the most part, you want an inexpensive product. If you are marketing to individuals, flea-marketers, or small businesses, many of them will be reluctant to spend large amounts of money with a company that only exists online. Keep the price as low as possible, while keeping the necessary profit margins, or expect to do some trust-building during your sales process.

That should cover the main considerations when choosing a product to sell online. If you can find a product that fits all of these descriptions, you should have no trouble selling your products online.

Product Examples

Here’s a list of products that meet the above criteria and should sell nicely online:

  • Wholesale Sunglasses (Wholesale to avoid style choices.)
  • Office Supplies
  • Watches
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Stuffed Animals (small plush animals)
  • Books
  • Playing Cards / Poker Chips / Accessories

Yes, some of those are fairly boring choices, but they meet our criteria and sell nicely online. If you have other products that you think would sell online, please leave us a comment below.

You can start your search for wholesale products at our wholesale suppliers page. I’ve listed several good sources, and we recently added a wholesale search engine which pulls results only from wholesale suppliers.

How to Sell Wholesale Jewelry

Jewelry is a huge seller on eBay and on the internet in general. One of my favorite
things about selling it is that it’s so lightweight that
your shipping costs don’t eat into your profits. Plus,
because wholesale jewelry items are so small, you don’t
need to arrange for any type of special storage for them. They are a very economical
choice for sellers.

If you are just starting out on eBay, or you are
looking for a new niche, you should definitely give wholesale jewelry a try.

To help get you started, below are 5 tips for selling wholesale jewelry on eBay:

1. Find a reliable source of jewelry. Wholesalers are a
great option. All good suppliers offer low prices and attentive
customer service. When you are looking for a wholesale jewelry supplier, make sure
you take the time to find source you can trust. I always make
sure my suppliers meet the following requirements:

a) They offer safe payment options such as PayPal or
credit card payments. That way, you can do a charge back
if something goes wrong. b) They are a member of a
directory such as SaleHoo.com who verifies all their
suppliers. c) They have been in business for more than 2
years. (You can check this by going to
http://www.domaintools.com and entering their URL to see
their company information.) *If you are doing any amount of business online, you should become familiar with DomainTools.com. They are a fantastic resource for domain information.

2. Before you go dealing with a new supplier, order a
sample of the wholesale jewelry from them first. This way
you can assess their quality before committing to a larger
order. When ordering samples, make sure you take the time
to wear the jewelry yourself to see if it tarnishes or
breaks easily. Buyers are always looking for good quality
items when it comes to jewelry.

3. Avoid fake goods. This is vitally important. The
penalties for selling fake items are very serious, and
auction sites like eBay are dedicated to keeping their
sites free from fakes. Sometimes it can be hard telling
the difference between a genuine designer item and a fake.
The trouble is, many suppliers of fake wholesale jewelry
sell them at very low prices to entice new sellers in.

What these sellers don’t know is that even at a
wholesale rate, designer goods are very expensive. There
really is no such thing as a $100 Rolex watch, or a $50
pair of Tiffany earrings… unless of course, they are fake!

*If you are caught selling “fake” products, the law actually refers to that as felony counterfeiting. This is very serious…YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT SELL ANYTHING THAT YOU MIGHT REFER TO AS “FAKE” OR “KNOCKOFF”. These are just nice ways of saying they are counterfeit. The minimum fine in the USA is $250,000 and 2 years in prison. You have been warned.

4. Once you have sourced your jewelry, give yourself
more of a chance of making a sale by including more than
one photo of the wholesale jewelry items. Buyers love to
see the item thoroughly, and photos are the only way to do
this. While it does cost extra in eBay fees to list more
than 1 photo, it is proven that listings with more than 3
photos sell better than those which do not. If you are
concerned about paying more in eBay fees, look into using
a free image host such as supload.com.

5. Research the current hot sellers on eBay. Even if
you aren’t selling your wholesale jewelry on eBay,
researching what are currently the big sellers there can
give you the snapshot you need to sell to succeed on any
market. eBay Pulse http://pulse.ebay.com/ is a fantastic
tool that eBay provides sellers to give them a bird’s eye
view of what the hot selling items are.

For jewelry sellers, you can find out the hot sellers
by drilling down to the Jewelry and Watches category and
seeing what comes up. eBay Pulse will then give you the
top 10 hot sellers. This will give you some great ideas on
what to sell.

Follow these 5 tips, and you’ll be well on your way
to succeeding in the wholesale jewelry niche.

Internet Marketing and the Wholesale Industry

Well I had a revelation today. For as long as I’ve been writing here, I have thought of this primarily as a wholesale blog. I have concentrated on how to find wholesale suppliers and sell wholesale products. However, I’ve been overlooking the “sell” part of the Sell Wholesale name. It’s all well and good if you can find great wholesale sources, but if you can’t sell those products, you won’t have much of a business.

Therefore, I have decided to start providing more information about Internet Marketing. Essentially, internet marketing refers to things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, Social Media, and any other methods for generating traffic to your website. I will also begin posting reviews of internet marketing systems. This is one area where internet marketing and the wholesale industry are very much alike. They are both teeming with scams and excessive hype around every corner. As I have tried to do with some of my wholesale reviews, I hope to provide clear and unbiased information about internet marketing systems that might otherwise seem too risky or scammy.

I hope you will offer up your questions and suggestions as we continue on this journey. I look forward to helping you grow your business.

How do I cancel my DOBA.com Account?

I have been frustrated more than once at the fact that DOBA.com can accept my membership via electronic means, but absolutely won’t allow me to cancel my membership with the same method.

For anyone searching for ways to cancel a DOBA membership, I give you the text from their help file:

To cancel your account, please call 1.877.321.3622 to speak to a Member Services Representative who can help you cancel your account. Member Services is available between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM Mountain Time, Monday through Friday. Please note that, at this time, we are unable to process cancellation requests via email.

This policy is also outlined in the Terms of Use. See the Terms of Use by checking on the following link: http://www.doba.com/site/fees.html


Basically, you have to call during their normal business hours. They will not accept your cancellation via any other means.*

*I was able to cancel electronically several years ago by making this same argument. Unfortunately, I recently created a trial account and tried to cancel it the same way, but it was a no go this time.

DOBA might be a good way to get your wholesale business started, but be warned that it’s not as easy to cancel as it is to sign up.

If you do want to give them a try, they’ve just increased their free trial length from 7 days to 14. Definitely worth a look. (and now that you’re going to bookmark this page, you’ll know how to cancel if you decide you don’t want the service.) 🙂

Click here to try DOBA.com

Starting a Wholesale Business – Finding a Product to Sell

Now that we’ve decided to start a wholesale business, we need a product to sell. This post will take us through the process of determining what product to choose.

If you have any ideas for a product as you read this, you may want to jump over to our mind map and jot them down. Just click the link or image below.
MindMap of Product Ideas

Mind Map for Choosing a Product to Sell
Mind Map for Choosing a Product to Sell


First, I want to say that the product you choose to sell should interest you. It doesn’t need to be the greatest love of your life, but you should at least enjoy learning about it. If you’re interested in what you’re selling, it will show in your business and your advertising.


Next, there needs to be some demand for your product. Preferably, a lot of demand. Basically, you should start by making a list of products you would be interested in selling. From that list, check out what’s selling on Ebay. I’m not suggesting that you market directly to the Ebay crowd, but they’re big enough that you can get a good idea of the overall market by looking at what’s hot there. A good service for researching the ebay marketplace is Terapeak.? They’ll show you pricing trends as well as average listing prices, selling prices, and how many listings result in a sale.? Go through your research and pick out the products with good sell rates.? (Ratio of listings to sales.)? This is your new short list.
* Update: You may also want to check out pulse.ebay.com for market research directly from eBay.


With the short product list in hand, we now want to research competition.? It’s great if you found a popular product.? However, if everyone and their mother is selling the same product, you should move on.? Not to be repetitive, but Ebay is still a good place to do this research.? Take your short list and search for each product on Ebay.? Note the number of listings and average prices.? You may also be able to use some of the data you got from Terapeak for this step.? At this point, you want to rank your products by highest demand and least amount of competition.? Unless a product is totally flooded with competitors, take your entire short list to the next step.


What will it take for you to start selling these products?? What is the cost per sale?? If you choose a product that requires a large initial cash outlay, you need to be that much more confident that you can drive enough sales.? Does the wholesale source require some sort of membership fee?? You’ll need to work out all of these costs for each product you plan on selling.? This will probably be the most time consuming part of your research, but it’s very important.? If it costs $1000 to get started selling a $10 product, you’re way behind before you even “open your doors”.? It’s also more time consuming because we need to include another step in this process, which is… finding a supplier.

Finding a Wholesale Supplier

You should start by taking a look at our wholesale sources page.? Even being a fairly short list, you should be able to find a source for most products from someone on that list.? As it’s been said before, SaleHoo comes highly recommended because they have a community of people that review all of the wholesale sources.? If anyone has a supplier to recommend, please leave us a comment.? I’d be happy to add quality wholesale suppliers to our list.


Now that you know the costs involved in buying your product, and you’ve done your market research, you should be able to determine what your customers would pay for your product.? If the direct cost per sale divided by the selling price is over 70%, you better have a very efficient system of marketing, advertising, and order fulfillment, or you’re not likely to realize any actual gains from this business.? When deciding on a selling price, always keep in mind that more comes out of your selling price than just the cost of the product.? You need to be compensated for your time.? You need to pay for advertising and marketing.? You may have hosting and other technology costs.? Forget about it if you have employees.? Don’t be afraid of the math on this one.? If you gloss over the details here, you’re in for a rude awakening.


This is a rather general topic, but you need to make the business as easy as possible for yourself.? You want a product that is easy to sell in that it doesn’t require pages of explanation to get someone to buy it.? You want it to be easy to ship or you’ll lose customers and profit to shipping costs.? You want it to be easy to service.? You don’t want to spend an hour on the phone walking a customer through how to use their $10 product.? It may sound harsh or too impersonal, but you really want to be as hands-off as possible.? Of course you need to have awesome customer service, but ideally, you just want your customers to be satisfied without contacting you.

I’ll be going through this process over the next few days to come up with the ideal product for me to sell.? I would really love to hear your ideas on the process so far.? I want this project to have as much community involvement as possible.? I can do the research and make the decisions, but I’d really love for someone to surprise me.

To be continued…

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Review of SaleHoo.com

I think I’ve found a very good wholesale source for many of you readers! SaleHoo.com is similar to Liquidation.com or GlobalSources in that they list many other wholesale sources. However, SaleHoo.com is built on a community of users that comment on and review all of the wholesalers. Actually, the moderators at SaleHoo.com even secretly purchase from the suppliers so they can write their own reviews. **Update: Information added about the SaleHoo Research Labs below. This is a new feature that you’re going to love!

1. What is SaleHoo.com?
SaleHoo.com is a members-only directory of wholesale sources. They have thousands of wholesalers, drop shippers, liquidation companies, and manufacturers that you can purchase from directly.

2. Member’s Forum
A great feature of being a SaleHoo member is that you can ask the community for advice before you make a purchase from any of the suppliers. You can ask questions about suppliers, products, or even the quality of products coming from various countries. With this safety net, you can be more confident that you won’t get scammed or ripped off. And as always, if you have any other questions, you could always leave it in the comments here. I love to help out other small business owners. (And those hoping to get into online business.)

Update: What is the SaleHoo.com Research Labs?
The Research Labs section is a great new addition to SaleHoo, because it helps take some of the guesswork out of choosing a product to sell. You can enter a keyword and the research labs will give you a ton of great information about that product. The information is geard toward selling on ebay, and they give you information such as Average Sale Price, Sell-Through Rate, Best day to end your auction, most common auction duration, and a rating of how much competition you’ll face. They also have charts where you can compare sales numbers of different products against each other. This tool is a great start for any of your product research.

I’d like to include more information in this review of SaleHoo.com, but they have a sales page that really lays it out for you. After you’ve skimmed the sales page and testimonials, I highly recommend the 3-minute tour. They have blue links every so often on their sales page. Just click one of those to review the highlights of the site.

(In case you missed the links, click here to check out SaleHoo.com)

Wholesale Halloween Candy

A friend of mine is having a Halloween party and said she had to buy a ton of candy. I figured I’d take a look around to see if there were any good sources of wholesale candy online.

I started by searching for “wholesale halloween candy” but was quickly disappointed. It looks like there are many “wholesale” candy distributors, but they all had 2 problems.

1. Their websites are terrible. Coming from a web development background, that’s the first thing I see when I visit a site.? I realize that might not have anything to do with how good their business is, but it’s my first impression and so far it’s all been bad.

2. The prices really aren’t that great.? One site had 48 Snickers bars for $41.? That’s barely below retail, if at all.? You can go to any grocery store and buy regular candy bars for a dollar.? After you add shipping, the deal gets even worse.

I was surprised to find that Amazon.com had a listing for 48 Snickers bars for $28.80.? The shipping is $7.50, but we’re still well below $1 per bar.? It was an Amazon storefront run by “TheOnlineCandyShop”.

It appears that a quick search on Amazon can find just about any candy you’re looking for, at wholesale prices.? I’d love to say I knew of a small business website that could provide good prices for wholesale halloween candy, but so far, I’d say go to Amazon and search there.? Fortunately, most of the products you find are offered by individuals or small businesses with storefronts on Amazon.

I was hoping to save this post for October, but I hope it helps for those of you who are stocking up on Halloween candy.? If you know of a better source for wholesale candy, please let us know in the comments.? I’d be happy to give them a link.

Happy Halloween!

China Wholesale vs. Taiwan Wholesale

When I was in the wholesale sunglasses business, I briefly looked into having custom glasses manufactured from China.? However, a few people I talked to recommended Taiwan because they said the quality was better.? They said if I was looking for lower prices, go China, but if I wanted better quality, go with Taiwan.? I received some samples from companies in each country.? In my small sample, the Taiwanese samples felt slightly more solid than the Chinese ones, but I’d really like to hear what you think about this.

Let’s pose this question in two scenarios:

1. If you were having a product manufactured, what country would you use?

2. If you were buying a truckload of wholesale merchandise, what country would you use?

If you have a preference, please post it in the comments and let us know why you made your choice.

Liquidation.com Review

Today, we’ll review the wholesale source, Liquidation.com. We get the information you need to make an informed decision. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please leave a comment.

What is Liquidation.com?

Liquidation.com is an auction site that specializes in wholesale merchandise. Unlike, Salehoo.com who is a directory of other suppliers, Liquidation.com carries everything from jewelry to computers to tools to industrial ovens. Don’t expect to buy 1 item here unless of course it’s an industrial oven or a truck. (Yes, they also have wholesale lots of cars and trucks.) Most lots consist of 50 to 100 pieces. The site is very active and always seems to have an abundance of merchandise to choose from. Their stock ticker is LQDT for all you financial analysts out there.

What kinds of products are they offering and how do the prices compare?

They offer new, used, returned, refurbished, and salvaged merchandise. Most have the disclaimer that all sales are as-is. Meaning, those 20 lcd monitors you just bought for $100 might not actually work. It’s up to you to check out the products before placing your bid. This is my official warning for you to read the fine print and do a reality check before placing any bids. There is a nice selection of merchandise on this site, but you still need to watch out for the duds.

Do they have name brand merchandise?

Yes. A quick scan shows that they carry products from Dell, Apple, HP, Compaq, Samsung, and a slew of other name brands. (Sorry, that was my techie side showing. You’ll also see brands like: Coach, Kenneth Cole, Movado, and Rocawear.)

Do they have the products that are in demand?

Yes, the products you’ll find there are the types of products that are in demand. Web cams, LCD TVs, purses, jewelry, and consumer electronics are all found at Liquidation.com. Their most popular category is consumer electronics with jewelry and watches coming in a close second. The electronics products generally aren’t the latest models, but you’ll see that the prices take that into account.

How are their prices?? Is there room for markup?

This is an auction site, so the products go for the price you bid. Popular products may get bid up to fairly high amounts, but if you do your research before bidding, you should be able to set a budget and stick to it. $100 for 10 digital cameras might be a great deal, but $1200 not so much. There are tons of great deals to be found on this site, but again you need to watch out for the duds. *See the comments…

How is the shipping?

Liquidation.com has warehouses all over the United States so you should be able to find items at a location near you. This will help immensely when shipping large wholesale lots. This is another area that can catch you off guard. For large and cheap items, the shipping could exceed the amount paid for the product itself. They have links on the auction pages so you can get shipping quotes or ask questions before placing your bid. DO THIS! Those monitors won’t be a great deal if you have to pay $1000 for shipping.

How is their customer service?

I was surprised to find actual email addresses available on their contact page. You can easily email or call their support or service departments with any questions. They also give the phone number to their headquarters which you can call from 9AM to 6PM Eastern time.

Summary of Liquidation.com

I think Liquidation.com is an excellent place to get started with wholesale merchandise. You can easily browse the products and prices without having to commit to anything. With the power of the Internet, you can find a product on Liquidation.com, open Google in a new window and search for the current price. I also recommend searching Ebay for the product to determine the going price and scope out your competition. If the market is flooded with $2 auctions for your product, just look for another product.

Registration is free and allows you to ask your questions to the sellers.? Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions.? Once you win an auction, you’re responsible for what you bought.? Whether you just want to get started selling wholesale products or you just want to sell a few things on Ebay, I think Liquidation.com is a great place to test the waters. Click here to register for a free account.

Disclosure: I have an affiliate account with Liquidation.com. If you sign up for an account through a link on SellWholesale.com I might receive some compensation.

For another source of wholesale products, please check out our review of Doba.com.