Highest Wholesale Prices in 27 Years

According to CNN Money, “The Labor Department reports that its Producer Price Index increased by 1.2% in July and by 9.8% in the past year [2008].” The annual Producer Price Index for finished goods rose almost 10 percent in the 12 months that ended in July.
How are the concerns about inflation and recession affecting your decisions to make money online?? Are you more motivated to build a second income, or does the fear have you tightening your pocketbook too much to invest in such endeavors?
In my opinion, we need to continue pushing ahead. The economy will rise and fall, but at a very micro level, we each control our own finances. Sure, a bad economy might make it difficult to get financing or reduce the amount of discretionary income you have to “gamble” with. If you’re looking for excuses, there are plenty. However, if you want to succeed, YOU need to take the steps yourself. Now is not the time to cut back on advertising. If you have an advertising system that’s providing decent returns, Google AdWords for example, you need to stay at your current level or INCREASE your ad spend. If you’re getting a positive ROI on your advertising, more money out means more money back to you.
Now don’t be afraid. The economy, especially the media’s depiction of the economy, can be scary, but if you want to be successful, you need to remember one thing. The economy works on averages. The truly successful people in this world aren’t hurting like the average people are.

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