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We’ve had an absolute ton of wordpress and database issues for a while now, and I’m not sure when we’ll have things running again. I’m writing this to let everyone know that we’re still working on it and will have everything restored as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support!

Jason Green

Green Dot Money Pak

After hearing from several customers and visitors of, it seems that the Green Dot MoneyPak is a part of the problem. I’m usually not one to take sides, but the Green Dot MoneyPak seems to benefit the merchants far more than the buyers.

Based on reviews and information I’ve read about the MoneyPak, I recommend ONLY using it with the list of partners that accept MoneyPak. Most horror stories seem to surround merchants who are not directly affiliated with Green Dot MoneyPak.

I can’t find any benefit to buying a MoneyPak versus other payment methods. Credit cards have buyer protection, and even PayPal has a chargeback policy that favors the purchaser. (hence why some businesses only accept MoneyPak instead of taking credit cards or PayPal)

If you’ve had a good experience with a Green Dot MoneyPak, I’d love to hear from you. And if you think MoneyPak is a scam or have a horror story to share, please leave a comment and help spread the word.

*** Update ***

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is aware of scammers using GreenDot MoneyPaks to steal your money. Here’s an excerpt of an article about it on the BBB website. (Read the full article on the BBB website.)

The BBB says the public should be very cautious when using a Green Dot MoneyPak to pay an unfamiliar company or individual. Anyone who requires an upfront payment with a Green Dot MoneyPak is very possibly operating a scam.

Nationally, BBBs have received numerous complaints from consumers who say they were scammed by fake companies requiring online payments through Green Dot MoneyPaks.

I also found the BBB site for Green Dot Corporation in Monrovia, California. (Los Angeles BBB) Follow this link to learn more about Green Dot or to file a complaint. Somehow they still have an A+ rating, even though they have an average of 1-star rating by 68 users and have nearly 914 complaints filed. (as of 5/16/2011) *If we get them over 1,000 complaints, maybe they’ll finally lose their A+ status?

(I know it sounds like self-promotion, but please share this page with whoever you can to help get the word out.)

What is

A new site popped up on my radar this week, called There are a lot of people wondering if they are legit or if they are a scam. Their site says they sell general products online “at wholesale prices”. [The remainder of this post has been rewritten after finding new information about this “company”.]

It appears they’re using scammy payment terms to steal your money. In my opinion, you should stay away from and stay away from the GreenDot MoneyPak. If you managed to pay via credit card, try to get a refund as soon as possible. If you used a GreenDot MoneyPak, beat up GreenDot until they return your money. Otherwise, see below for a link to their Better Business Bureau information. File complaints relentlessly until they listen.

If you’ve done business with this company or know anything about them, please let us know how it went. Has anyone received products from Today-Liquidation???

*** Update ***

Buyer Beware!
Based on the comments below, it looks like this might not be a company you want to buy from. One reason is that they only accept Green Dot Money Pak for payment. This is a very difficult payment type for the buyer (you) to get a refund from. Another, is that the contact information doesn’t seem to check out, and the links to their social media profiles simply point to the home pages of those sites. (Twitter, Facebook, etc…) Read some of the comments below and be sure to do some additional research if you still intend to purchase from them.

Check out our post about GreenDot MoneyPak for more information regarding the MoneyPak, including Better Business Bureau information.

Please use the buttons below to help spread the word about this company… is Popular in Pakistan!

I was doing a review of my site’s traffic with Google Analytics and Alexa, and was surprised to find that more than half of my traffic comes from Pakistan. ( 57% Pakistan, 27% United States, and 15% Other +/-)

This site is based in the United States, but I welcome all of my Pakistani visitors. Is there anything that I can do or offer that will help you get more out of this website? Are there any wholesale suppliers based in Pakistan that I could review? I’ll keep this short, but I was extremely surprised to find that Pakistan was a dominant source of traffic for this website. If there’s anything I can do to improve your visit, please let me know.

(The same courtesy is extended to my fellow Americans as well as anyone else on Earth that would like to leave a comment.)

Best Buy Affiliate Blunder

Best Buy recently reacted to the “economic crisis” by cutting affiliate commissions from 1% to .25%. Many have reported backlash across the web about this because it’s such an incredibly stupid move on their part. Perhaps cutting this commission will save money up front, but by losing so many affiliates and having such a negative reaction, they’re sure to lose money in the long run.

Angel at has a much more detailed writeup of this. I’m just helping spread the word. If you were thinking about becoming a Best Buy affiliate, I’d say… don’t.

Ideas on What's to Come?

Since finally deciding to start this blog, I’ve been brainstorming my ideas with my favorite mind-mapping service, MindMeister.? If you haven’t tried mind mapping, and you’re looking for a better way to take notes, brainstorm, or just organize your thoughts, I strongly encourage you give it a try.

Anyway, that brainstorming has resulted in the list of topics below that I plan on discussing.? One thing the brainstorming resulted in was that I don’t want to limit this blog entirely to “wholesale” opportunities.? The focus will most definitely be on making money online by buying and selling wholesale products, but I will also throw in the occasional random opportunity or service if I think it’s useful.? I have a strong tech background, so I’m afraid I’ll be compelled to comment on the tech world on occasion. (See above)

So here it is…the list of topics and proposed future of this blog:
(I strongly encourage you to comment if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered.)

  • Buying products at wholesale – What to buy and where to get them.
  • Selling products at wholesale – What to sell and how to sell them.
  • Starting a wholesale business – How to get set up to sell your merchandise.
  • Website Reviews – Auction sites, Wholesale Sources, Wholesale Directories, etc…
  • Scams – What you need to watch out for when buying and selling online.
  • Business Opportunities – Reviews of the few legitimate business opportunities online.
  • Fielding your questions – If there’s anything you want to know, please contact me.

I hope that covers what you’re looking for in a blog like this.? Once again, now that I’ve mentioned “business opportunities” I want to repeat my disclaimer… I will not promote anything on this site unless I truly believe you can find value in it.? Of course I’d appreciate any affiliate commissions and whatnot, but I’m not going to undermine the integrity of this blog simply to get a few more affiliates.? (If I scam everyone into a few useless affiliate programs, I’d quickly have no readers.? It’d be a bit of a downward spiral.)

Ok.? That’s enough for the intros.? Expect a new post soon with some information you can actually use.

Thank you,

Jason Green


I’m starting this blog because there’s so much deceptive and garbage information about how to buy and sell wholesale merchandise, that it’s the best I can do to help the wholesale community.

I got my start in wholesale distribution in 2002 when I thought $55 was a great deal for a dozen pairs of sunglasses. When I got the sunglasses, I noticed the brand name on the box.? After a couple of searches, I found the main distributor’s website. I contacted them with the idea that I could help distribute their sunglasses if they could give me a better price. We settled on a price per dozen around $20. I marked the “compare to” sunglasses up to around $30 per dozen and the main distributor would dropship for me in unmarked boxes. This is how was born, and how I got my start in the world of wholesale. (*Note: is no longer in business because of reasons that will be revealed in a future post.)

My goal for this blog is to provide honest and accurate information on how a person with average means (both money and knowledge) can get started selling wholesale products. I will only promote products, programs, or services that I honestly think will help my readers. I will not promote anything solely because it’s profitable for me to do so. Wholesale services that sell empty lists and memberships of no real value do not belong here. All I can ask is that if I do promote an affiliate offering that you find useful, you make sure to use the affiliate link so I get a little credit and can afford to keep this blog going. This will always be a website that is run with integrity. If I promote a service, it’s because it offers something unique and I believe you can benefit by using it.

Well that’s it. Stay tuned for more informative posts about buying and selling wholesale products. Hopefully, the blog can help you sift through the sea of wholesale scams to find a few gems that result in your profiting from the web.

Best of luck,

Jason Green