Ideas on What’s to Come?

Since finally deciding to start this blog, I’ve been brainstorming my ideas with my favorite mind-mapping service, MindMeister. If you haven’t tried mind mapping, and you’re looking for a better way to take notes, brainstorm, or just organize your thoughts, I strongly encourage you give it a try.
Anyway, that brainstorming has resulted in the list of topics below that I plan on discussing. One thing the brainstorming resulted in was that I don’t want to limit this blog entirely to “wholesale” opportunities. The focus will most definitely be on making money online by buying and selling wholesale products, but I will also throw in the occasional random opportunity or service if I think it’s useful. I have a strong tech background, so I’m afraid I’ll be compelled to comment on the tech world on occasion. (See above)
So here it is…the list of topics and proposed future of this blog:
(I strongly encourage you to comment if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered.)

  • Buying products at wholesale – What to buy and where to get them.
  • Selling products at wholesale – What to sell and how to sell them.
  • Starting a wholesale business – How to get set up to sell your merchandise.
  • Website Reviews – Auction sites, Wholesale Sources, Wholesale Directories, etc…
  • Scams – What you need to watch out for when buying and selling online.
  • Business Opportunities – Reviews of the few legitimate business opportunities online.
  • Fielding your questions – If there’s anything you want to know, please contact me.

I hope that covers what you’re looking for in a blog like this. Once again, now that I’ve mentioned “business opportunities” I want to repeat my disclaimer… I will not promote anything on this site unless I truly believe you can find value in it. Of course I’d appreciate any affiliate commissions and whatnot, but I’m not going to undermine the integrity of this blog simply to get a few more affiliates. (If I scam everyone into a few useless affiliate programs, I’d quickly have no readers. It’d be a bit of a downward spiral.)
Ok. That’s enough for the intros. Expect a new post soon with some information you can actually use.

Thank you,
Jason Green

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